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Here you will find the latest news on Wylfa Magnox Nuclear Power Station on Anglesey.

With energy rising to the top of the UK policy agenda, the role of nuclear power in the future energy security of Britain is once more in the spotlight.

There is also the role of nuclear energy as a source of low carbon to balance fossil fuel energy sources.

It also provides a dependable, steady and predictable baseload supply to balance the intermittent nature of renewable energy sources.

The future of the local plant is also important from an economic perspective, given the number of high quality jobs it provides for local people.

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February 8, 2008


PAWB is running a campaign against a new station. Tell us what you think. Do YOU agree with the Stop Wylfa B campaign?

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Island Nuclear Workers Retraining Boost 
The Welsh Government is providing £4m to help Anglesey and North West Wales adjust to the closure of Wylfa nuclear power station at Cemaes. Welsh …

Wylfa Reactor Extension to 2014 
The present Wylfa Nucleart Power Station on Anglesey could get an extension of its life to 2014, which would reduce the time between shut down and bringing …

Get Moving With Wylfa New Build 
The programme of new nuclear build at Wylfa on Anglesey will need to be speeded up if the UK is not to face the strong possibility of crippling energy …

Wylfa Nuclear Extension  
A minimum nine month extension to Wylfa Nuclear Power Station has been agreed by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC). The Anglesey nuclear …

2014 Wylfa Extension Target Still Possible 
Wylfa nuclear power station on Anglesey could continue to generate electricity up to 2014, according to site manager Greg Evans. The island power …

Will Wylfa Meet Criteria For New Nuclear Sites? 
After its nomination by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) as a potential site for new nuclear build, Wylfa on Anglesey must now meet key criteria, …

Scottish and Southern Energy and Iberdrola Nuclear Build 
Spanish power company Iberdrola, S.A have teamed up with Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE) to enter the UK new nuclear build programme. So Wylfa …

Island Waits As EDF Completes British Energy Deal 
The UK moves a step closer to a new fleet of low carbon nuclear reactors with French power giant EDF completing its GBP 12.5 billion purchase of British …

New Nuclear Build On Energy Island A Step Closer 
New nuclear build is a step closer at Wylfa on Anglesey, the energy island, with Npower securing an option to buy land adjacent to the existing nucler …

New Nuclear Build Hopes  
Government Business Secretry John Hutton has pledged maximum support for the British nuclear industry, raising hopes that Wylfa on Anglesey will be one …

NDA To Sell Wylfa Land 
The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) is gearing up to sell land adjacent to Wylfa Nuclear Power Station at Cemaes on Anglesey. There has been …

Fast Track For EDF Wylfa Nuclear Plant  
Following last week's stalled $25 billion bid by EDF for British Energy Group plc, the French power giant may now look to fast-track its plans to build …

EDF, British Energy and Wylfa B 
French Energy giant EDF looks set to clinch the $24.9 billion deal for British Energy Group plc, which owns eight nuclear power stations in the UK. …

Energy Solutions And EDF Energy Eye Wylfa Land 
It looks as if US company Energy Solutions and EDF Energy, subsidiary of French giant EDF, are eyeing up the land near Wylfa nuclear power station on …

New Nuclear At Wylfa Backed By Council Leader 
The campaign for a new nuclear plant at Wylfa has received the backing of new Anglesey County Council leader Councillor Phil Fowlie. He reaffirmed …

Wylfa B Would Be Excellent For Anglesey 
I live in Cemaes, and many of my friends work at the station, or are in businesses affected by the operation of the curent station. I myself work in …

Could EDF Buy Wylfa Then Sell To Rival? 
News that EDF, the French power generator, has bought land next to Wylfa on Anglesey is very encouraging for the economic prospects of the island. …

EDF Energy Makes Cash Offer For British Energy 
French international power company EDF Energy has made an all-cash offer for the nuclear generator, British Energy. EDF Energy, over 80% owned by …

EDF Energy Buys Land Next to Wylfa  
French power generator EDF Energy has bought land next to Wylfa Power Station on Anglesey, according to the company. EDF has also purchased land adjacent …

Consortia Interest in Wylfa New Nuclear Build 
Local politicians are making very confident sounds that Wylfa has a high chance of being one of the sites chosen for new nuclear build. Costs of …

Nuclear Power Big Push should boost Wylfa 
With the arrival of French President Nicholas Sarkozy in Britain, Business Secretary John Hutton has called for a "significant expansion" of nuclear power …

Land Development Near Wylfa Nuclear Power Station 
With nuclear energy moving up the UK energy debate, we now see that the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) has invited developers to make proposals …

June 1

Wylfa B, the putative new nuclear plant on Anglesey, came a step closer with the recent positive statement on nuclear power by DTI Secretary, Alistair Darling, and the interest shown in the site by EDF Energy and E.ON.More here

May 20

Prospects for new nuclear build at Wylfa brighten with the launch of the Energy White Paper and new consultation on nuclear power this week. The Government believes that nuclear must be part of the energy mix to address both UK security of supply and our climate change targets.More here

May 10 2007

French Energy giant subsidiary EDF Energy visits the NDA site at Wylfa to assess its possibility as a nuclear new build location. Read more

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August 14 2006

Stakeholders will be asked about their views on the future of Wylfa in a Questionnaire which is launched on the 15 August 2006. The responses will form part of the report from Magnox Electric Limited to the NDA as part of the End Uses Consultation process. Have YOUR say on the future of Wylfa

25 July 2006

The NDA says that they are looking at the feasability of accelerating the decommissioning of magnox nuclear plants, including Wylfa. If a business case can be made for a 25 year process, then sites could be ready for alternative uses by 2031. In Wylfa's case this would probably be around 2035.

Magnox Electric Limited is expected to carry out the studies, looking into waste management and waste disposal techniques. The conclusions of the report will be in the NDA Review of Strategy which starts in early 2007.

20 July 2006

Wylfa Nuclear Power Station is to close in 2010 according to the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA). Bill Hamilton for the NDA said it would be uneconomic to extend the plant's life. He added: "We recognise we have a socio-economic responsibility to look at the implications of any decisions we make about nuclear plants on the communities which they currently live in."

4 July 2006

Prime Minister Tony Blair has raised the propsect of Wylfa B, a new nuclear power station on Anglesey. This follows his comments to the House of Commons Liaison Committee when discussing the release of forthcoming energy review.
Blair boosts new plant prospects

21 June 2006

The comments of British Energy CEO, Bill Coley, about there being no need for a nuclear subsidy suggests Wylfa B is more likely to come about.
More about nuclear subsidy

6 June 2006

Nuclear Energy will play an important role in addressing the UK's energy gap and tackling the problem of climate change. This is the message coming from Vincent de Rivaz of energy giant, EdF. Read more about this story

20 May 2006

The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA)started its operations in April 2005. It was set up under the Energy Act 2004 with the task of making sure that nuclear sites across Britain are cleaned up safely, securely and cost-effectively.

One of the important responsibilities of the NDA is to hold public consultations with local people and to publish a strategic Annual Plan to be approved by the Department of Trade and Industry.

Learn more about the work of the NDA on Anglesey

Nuclear Reactor

At a meeting of the Welsh Affairs Select Committee in the House of Commons this week, representatives of the NDA told MP's that it was unlikely that Wylfa will be still operating beyond 2010.

This is of great concern to the island community because of the knock-on effect on local employment. The Magnox Power Station at Cemaes generates electricity for the Rio Tinto Aluminium metal plant outside Holyhead.

The Anglesey Aluminium smelter needs a constant and dependable supply of electricity and so the closure of Wylfa will mean the smelter will have to look elsewhere to provide the 225 MW it needs to power the plant.

Potential job losses from the two plants closing could be almost 1,500 when account is also taken of the support and transport jobs that would be lost.

NDA director Richard White fears the extension would pose difficulties as it would invlove more than just the local power plant.

Firstly, under an international treaty between the UK and Ireland (under OSPAR)all discharges from Sellafield's Thorp reprocessing plant in West Cumbria must cease by 2020.

Spent fuel rods are currently taken by rail from Valley to Sellafield to be reprocessed, and clean up at Sellafield must start by 2012 to 2013.

And the only site producing Magnox fuel, Springfields near Preston, is now closed and decommissioning will soon start. So it seems difficult to see how Wylfa can continue much beyond 2010.

The local MP, Albert Owen, is still optimistic a solution can be found to this impasse.

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