EDF, British Energy and Wylfa B

by Sarah

French Energy giant EDF looks set to clinch the $24.9 billion deal for British Energy Group plc, which owns eight nuclear power stations in the UK.

There is also the probability that Centrica will be involved, taking a 25% stake in the UK nuclear power generator.

Local interest on Anglesey is based on what impact this likely acquisition of British Energy might have on EDF's interest in land at Wylfa, near Cemaes.

It is understood that the French power company along with US firm Energy Solutions has bought land adjacent to Wylfa, which would be used for the proposed new nuclear power plant, Wylfa B.

If EDF controls the plants currently owned by British Energy, as well as land available for new build under this package, the question will arise whether it sees Wylfa as a priority site for a new station.

Will Wylfa B still be in the running to be included in the first tranche of sites under the new nuclear build programme in the UK?

Business Secretary John Hutton has said that the UK needs to increase nuclear's contribution to electricity generation from the present 19% ( and declining) to over 35% in the medium term.

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