Consortia Interest in Wylfa New Nuclear Build

by Jim Ryan

Local politicians are making very confident sounds that Wylfa has a high chance of being one of the sites chosen for new nuclear build.

Costs of a new nuclear power station on Anglesey could be in the region of £3 billion ($6 bn). With the project going ahead it would mean over 1,500 construction jobs being created for up to 8 years.

All eyes will be on the Government to see which companies will be granted an operating licence. The Wales Office is supportive of new nuclear build at Wylfa, according to Albert Owen MP.

Mr Owen said he along with Welsh Secretary Paul Murphy had recently met with a company keen to develop the Wylfa site.

Crucially, the plans would include not just new nuclear build but also decommissioning of the existing Magnox reactor as well as removal and disposal of the nuclear waste.

So the coming months should be a very interesting time for Anglesey, but also important for the UK.

We have to address the yawning energy gap, security of supply and not least, the need to meet our low carbon targets in the global climate change challenge.

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