Wylfa B Would Be Excellent For Anglesey

by Julie Richardson
(Cemaes Bay, Anglesey)

I live in Cemaes, and many of my friends work at the station, or are in businesses affected by the operation of the curent station.

I myself work in the nuclear industry - albeit at a different site, and would love the opportunity to work in the area in the future on a new power station.

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May 30, 2008
New Nuclear is needed urgently
by: John

Agree with you abut Wylfa B. I see that the Government has indicated that it wants to do more than just replace the decommissioning nuclear reactors.

It suggests that we need to increase the nuclear contribution to our electricity supply from the present 19% and falling to about 35% or so.

This would almost certainly mean TWO new reactors on Anglesey - Wylfa B and C. Good for quality jobs, good for construction jobs, good for local supply businesses. A win-win situation for all.

Oh, yeah, and good for the environment - less carbon dioxide emissions..

Role on new nuclear:)

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