Nuclear Power Big Push should boost Wylfa

by James Rogers

With the arrival of French President Nicholas Sarkozy in Britain, Business Secretary John Hutton has called for a "significant expansion" of nuclear power generation in the UK.

Speaking at a Unite trades union conference Mr Hutton believes Britain should be far more ambitious than merely replacing the existing aging nuclear power stations, which contribute just under 20% of the current UK electricity generation mix.

Just reflect for a moment that France has almost 80% of its electricity generated from nuclear energy.

This news will be a significant boost to those calling for a new Wylfa B power station to be built on Anglesey.

Mr Hutton emphasised the importance of the UK meeting our climate change obligations and of becoming as energy-independent as quickly as possible. He said that nuclear reactors had proved themselves both in terms of the technology and in safety.

His vision is for a $40 billion industry creating 100,000 new jobs, so that in time Britain will be seen as the "gateway" to a new dawn for nuclear power across Europe.

This scenario will see Britain leading the world in the development of new low carbon energy technology.

French Energy group EDF Energy has expressed an interest in building new nuclear reactors and Wylfa B could be among this new build generation.

Doug Rooney, from Unite the Union, said this is a great opportunity for UK manufacturing, for long term job security and for the quality of life of people in Britain.

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