New Nuclear Build Hopes

by Laura Salter

Government Business Secretry John Hutton has pledged maximum support for the British nuclear industry, raising hopes that Wylfa on Anglesey will be one of the sites for new nuclear build.

Speaking at the new Nuclear Development Forum advisory group, Mr Hutton suggests 100,000 jobs can be created in a new 20 billion pounds nuclear expansion in the UK.

He sees nuclear energy as a "no-brainer" for Britain's energy security, as well as pointing at the boost to jobs and the economy.

With recent concern over the security of international energy supplies, particularly oil and gas, it is now a priority to get new nuclear online as soon as possible.

French energy giant EDF is again looking at taking over the British Energy Group's nuclear sites, as it strives to build a stake in power generation in the UK, to dovetail its electricity supply business.

EDF has already purchased land near Wylfa, and may also express an interest in further sales of NDA owned land at the Anglesey nuclear station.

Recently, the NDA annoucned that it would soon be going ahead with competitive sales of land at three sites, these being Oldbury, Bradwell and Wylfa.

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