Energy Solutions And EDF Energy Eye Wylfa Land

by Simon
(North Wales)

It looks as if US company Energy Solutions and EDF Energy, subsidiary of French giant EDF, are eyeing up the land near Wylfa nuclear power station on Angelsey, Wales.

With the UK Government now firmly committed to replace the UK's aging fleet of nuclear reactors over the next 15 years, Wylfa is now almost odds on to be amongst those sites to get the nod.

The Government now sees nuclear as not merely replacing the retired nuclear sites, currently contributing about 18% of UK electricity, but of getting nuclear's contribution closer to about 35%.

With the UK likely to be importing over 75% of its gas needs within the next few years, the issue of energy security is paramount.

Added to that the need to meet climate change obligations by aiming for lower CO2 emissions, then the need for the UK to have its own low carbon source of electricity, as provided by nuclear, is all the more urgent.

Wylfa is owned by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA), which confirms that there are a number of companies who have expressed an interest in the nearby land.

An announcement is expected from the NDA in the near future.

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