Wylfa End State Consultation

The Site Stakeholder Group (SSG) and Magnox Electric Limited are now conducting this Wylfa End State exercise on the present Wylfa Power Station site.

This Wylfa End State Phase 3 consultation follows on from the End Uses exercise carried out in October 2006.

Wylfa Power Station


The Wylfa Nuclear Power Station will cease Generation in 2010 and will then go through a process of defuelling and decommissioning.

The buildings and their contents will be progressively dismantled and removed until the site is available for other uses.

Following an End Use Consultation in 2006 three preferred future use options were identified for the site. Each of these End Uses have been evaluated and are compatible with an early, partial, site de-licensing or deferred, full site de-licensing i.e.

  • Power Production - Partial Early Release 2021 or Late Release 2125
  • Commercial/Industrial Use - Partial Early Release 2021 or Late Release 2125
  • No Further Commercial Use – Back to Nature - Partial Early Release 2021 or Late Release 2125

The Site Stakeholder Group has been tasked with presenting recommendations to the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority(NDA). Before doing so we would very much value the opinion of local people on the viability and benefits for each of the options under consideration.

Alternatively, you can attend one of the Roadshows held at the following venues.

Tuesday 27th March, 2007. Llanfechell Community Centre. 3pm – 7pm

Wednesday 28th March, 2007. Cemaes Bay Village Hall. 4pm – 7pm

Thursday 29nd March, 2007. Llangefni - Isle of Anglesey County Council Offices (Foyer) 9am – 4pm

Friday 30th March, 2007. Llanfairynghornwy Community Centre. 4pm – 7pm

Tuesday 27th March – Monday 9th April Wylfa Information Centre 10am – 4pm (including Weekends)

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