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Dolphin search off Point Lynas, Seekat C

RAF Plane crashes on Anglesey

An RAF Hawk training jet crashed at Mona airfield on Anglesey at 1225 BST today.

The pilot managed to eject and was taken immediately to hospital. His injuries are not thought to be serious.

An eye witness said he heard a terrifying screeching sound and when he looked out of his window, saw the pilot had landed in some trees.

Mona airfield is a small satellite airfield about 8-9 miles from RAF Valley, now the site of Anglesey Airport.

At least 7 accident vehicles including 4 fire engines were at the incident.

Anglesey Coastal Path Kaleidoscope

A walk along the Porth Dafarch stretch of the Anglesey Coastal Path on Monday was an excellent experience.

With brilliant sunshine, cloudless blue sky and light northerly winds, the coastal path yielded a kaleidoscope of treasures to the senses.

After passing the EU Blue Flag we came to a slate plaque in the wall, dedicated to Samuel Jonathan Griffith (1853-1890), associated with the Welsh Hymn "Craig yr Oesoedd" (Rock of Ages).

Then along the narrow coastal path to the west are numerous narrow coves and inlets. Here we saw a couple of canoeists beaching their craft and resting in the cool shade of the rock.

Above them, thick yellow gorse bushes rioting down the slopes, and a cluster of thrift and odd kidney vetch here and there dazzle the senses.

On either side of the open stretches of the path we spotted the sea campion and blue sheepsbit scabious.

The stillness was broken only by the occassional distant rumble of a Hawk jet from RAF Valley.

Looking west there was the Holyhead Dublin Ferry ploughing its single furrow in the shimmering Irish Sea, and the Wicklow mountains in the background.

Scanning the south east horizon we made out Bardsey island on the Lleyn peninsula, and then spotted the Highland Airways flight from Anglesey Airport to Cardiff.

While in the flat calm bay a few keen fishermen were siting patiently in their dinghies waiting for the tug on the line, while a solitary canoe broke the mirror-like surface as it made tracks for the sandy beach.

Darling statement boosts Anglesey Nuclear case

DTI Secretary of State, Alistair Darling has given a boost to the chances of new nuclear build at Wylfa on Anglesey.

His statement today in the House of Commons on the Government Energy White Paper sets out a favourable climate for a Wylfa B nuclear power station on Anglesey.

Two key challenges face the UK going forward, namely tackling climate change and ensuring we have secure energy supplies.

With world energy demand continuing to rise in the forseeable future and fossil fuels remaining a significant proportion of the mix, the UK needs to have available the widest options of low carbon sources of electricity generation.

Nuclear can make a significant contribution, said Mr Darling, though safety and security are paramount.

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