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Celtic Gateway Bridge, Holyhead, Anglesey

International Boost to Anglesey Airport

The eagerly anticipated Anglesey to Cardiff air link has received a big boost with news that Cardiff International Airport has put forward proposals to the Welsh Assembly.

The proposed Anglesey Airport at RAF Valley on Anglesey will mean a journey time of about 45 minutes to Cardiff instead of 41/2 hours as at present by road.

And with Cardiff International Airport expanding its ambitious list of destinations to include the US, Australia and the Middle East, Anglesey Airport will soon bring the world to North West Wales.

These plans are in addition to the various UK and European routes such as Dusseldorf, Munich, Aberdeen, Malta and even Turkey.

Now is the time for forward looking local businesses to be adventurous and capitalise on these dynamic times.

Rising Sea Level threatens Cemlyn Reserve

The Wildlife Trust bird reserve and site of outstanding natural beauty at Cemlyn on Anglesey could be at risk from future rises in sea levels.

That is the stark warning from the National Trust in its report entitled Shifting Shores. In fact over 70 per cent of the protected coastline in Wales is vulnerable.

Estimates in the report suggest sea levels could rise by as much as one metre by 2100, leading to the disappearance of many sections of coastal land.

The report recommends simplifying the decision making process and choosing to adapt to the likely changes rather than trying to stop the erosion.

A trust spokeswoman called on the Government to take urgent action to enable us to adapt to the effects of climate change.

Archaeologist heads for Anglesey

Mark Olly, the archaeologist from Warrington, will soon visit Anglesey looking for lost treasures, according to Manchester Evening News.

Due to be prodiuced by Granada TV, his programme will feature the cape-wearing archaeologist on the island searching for interesting valuables discovered by those with an interest in mysteries and archaeology.

Record Set for Anglesey Circumnavigation

Black Jack, a power boat driven by Ian Greenwood and navigator David Manning has set a record time for navigating around Anglesey.

They completed the 69-mile sea journey in just over 1 hour and 36 minutes. Their 7.5 metre Prosport boat, powered by a Suzuki V6 250 HP engine, reached over 45 knots through a relatively calm Menai Straits and Swellies.

But when they got to the Skerries Rock off Carmel Head, they hit a fog bank and had to slow down to tortoise pace of 37 knots.

They were delighted when Black Jack crossed the finish line at Beaumaris Pier.

Virus claims Anglesey Red Squirrels

An adult Red Squirrel has died on Anglesey from the squirrel pox virus carried by grey squirrels.

The first incident of its kind in Wales, the red squirrel died despite receiving antibiotics.

According to Dr Craig Shuttleworth who runs the red squirrel project on Anglesey, grey squirrels who carry the virus are asymptomatic. Unfortunately, the virus will kill within two to three weeks.

Looking to the future, Dr Shuttleworth said retrapping the woodlands at Newborough would help estimate how many animals were lost to the virus.

Anglesey pilots Home Seller pack

Home seller packs introduced under new government legislation are to be piloted on Anglesey and other areas of North West Wales.

Though free under the trial, home seller packs will likely cost over 500 pounds when they become mandatory in June.

Suppliers say the pack will reduce the numbers chasing a property and spending money on reports before then pulling out.

Concerns surround the lack of legal summary and the fact that completing the process electronically reduces the need for much of the pack information.

Anglesey Airport take-off green light

Scottish Company Highland Airways will soon run a twice daily flight service between Anglesey Airport at RAF Valley and Cardiff.

The Welsh Assembly Government has invested about 1.5 million pounds in the development of a passenger building at Anglesey Airport on the RAF Valley airbase.

With a subsidy from the Welsh Assembly Government, Highland Airways offer a return flight to the Welsh capital for 100 pounds. The flight time is expected to be about 40 minutes.

Andrew Davies, Economic Development Minister, said that the new air route will be hugely significant for Anglesey and North Wales.

It will help to bridge the gap between North and South Wales and open up business and tourism opportunities for one of the most beautiful parts of Wales.

Anglesey Drag Hounds at Rhydwyn

A large turnout of the Anglesey Drag Hounds met at the spectacular Church Bay Hotel, Rhydwyn, overlooking Holyhead Bay.

In brilliant early February sunlight, the Joint Master, Trevor Wear led the "Drag party" up the "Garn". Soon, hounds were racing, guided by Huntsman, Carl Owen up the steep slopes of the country to the summit.

There the followers viewed the HSS sailing westward for Ireland and, turning eastward they saw virtually all of Anglesey to Snowdonia.

The intrepid Field (followers)bravely pursued the Field Master, Tony Beardsley, downhill, enjoying the thrill of the chase in the intoxicating champagne air.

Long lines over the Mynachdy peninsular followed, along headland tracks with dizzying glimpses of the sea far below.

After an eventful charge around Ty Colbi, the Hunt rode down to beautiful Church Bay and into the waves in the setting sun.

The watchers had a treat to see both horses and riders having such a great time in the surf, silhouetted in the sunset at the end of a glorious day to finish the season.

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