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Cruise Ship

Golden Princess off Holyhead

Anglesey Tidal Energy progress report

Marine Current Turbines Ltd (MCT) have been surveying the waters off Anglesey to assess their suitability for capturing tidal energy.

With growing concern over the potential impact of climate change, there is greater focus on a whole range of renewable energy sources and Anglesey is believed to be a good tidal source.

According to Paul Taylor of Taylor Keogh Communications, spokesman for MCT, the outcome of the scoping exercise is being looked at by PMSS Ltd, MCT's environmental consultants.

They are looking at the possibility of starting the necessary Environmental Impact Assessment next spring.

A planning application could be submitted by late 2007 or the first part of 2008.

Currently, MCT is focusing on its showcase SeaGen project in Strangford Lough, Northern Ireland.

Trearddur Bay Sea Wall Breached

Recent strong gales in the Irish Sea have caused a breach in the Trearddur Bay sea wall which supports the promenade.

The damage caused the foundations to break and sand to be sucked out from the dunes behind the prom.

The large car park between the sea wall and main road is completely flooded.

A look across the beach shows vast stretches of sand now stripped away by the surging action of the sea.

Anglesey County Council has placed temporary rock protection in front of the prom. Estimates of repair work required go as high as a massive 3 million pounds.

Local councillor, Peter Dunning, believes it might take until 2008 to secure the necessary funds to strengthen the sea defences along Trearddur Bay.

Boost for Kyffin Gallery Project

The project to build a gallery in memory of the late Sir Kyffin Williams has received a significant boost.

Anglesey Charitable Trust will contribute 150,000 pounds towards the permanent exhibition. Plans are underway to tender for the project early in the New Year.

The aim would be for a new Gallery at Oriel Mon, Llangefni to be completed by Christmas 2007.

Funding so far is made up of 300,000 pounds from sales of Kyffin prints, and a similar amount from Anglesey County Council.

The Welsh Assembly Government has provided 100,000 pounds to the project.

Holyhead regeneration gets green light

Anglesey County Council planning committee has agreed outline planning permission for a retail development at Penrhos outside Holyhead.

This is seen as a further stage in regeneration to take Holyhead forward as envisaged under the Local Development Plan.

It is believed that a couple of retail giants are looking to develop the former Hedstrom site. Local opinion, however, points to a preference for a non-food retail outlet, given the already sufficient provision of food stores at Holyhead.

Anglesey Gas Power Station go-ahead

A full meeting of Anglesey County Council has voted for a gas power station on the Penhesgyn landfill site near Llangefni.

Plans are likely to show that the power station will burn methane gas released from the landfill. It is estimated the project will take up to 6 months to complete, with summer of 2007 the likely start date.

According to a Holyhead county councillor closely following the planning process, the scheme is expected to last about 5 years.

The electricity generated would supply the local community and the surplus would be sold to the grid.

A few local residents along with Friends of the Earth have objected to the proposals.

Amicus assesses Nuclear New Build

Amicus the union is evaluating the alternative designs for nuclear new build.

With Wylfa Nuclear Power Station on Anglesey among the sites due to close soon, local interest will be focused on the results of this assessment.

American, Canadian and French reactor designs will be vying for the contracts to replace the retiring UK technology.

According to Dougie Rooney, Amicus National Officer, the key areas for discussion are safety, employment implications, reliability and training.

The British Government is keen to meet its key,long term goals of energy security and lower carbon emissions, as set out in the recent Energy Review.

Anglesey Island Games Bid for 2015

Anglesey are looking to make an application to host the Island Games in 2015.

Having lost out to Aland, Finland for the 2009 event, the Ynys Mon Island Games Association and Anglesey County Council want the island to have another go at securing the prestigious event.

It is expected that bringing the games to Anglesey would act as a big boost to the local economy through tourism and additional sports facilities projects.

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