Dublin Air Link from Anglesey Airport

It may not be long before we see the much talked about Dublin air link take off.

Imagine you fancy a day out in Dublin, the capital of Ireland, while on holiday on Anglesey.

What could be more convenient than popping over to Anglesey Airport at RAF Valley and catching a flight to the Irish capital.

Building on the recently launched north-south Anglesey to Cardiff air link, a feasability study has been carried out into an Irish Sea "air bridge".

Bangor University Business School and University College Dublin have jointly prepared a report that suggests a second air service could contribute positively to econmomic regeneration in north West Wales.

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The report sees an "air bridge" as a feasible way of building stronger links between the Irish capital Dublin and Anglesey.

So with further expansion of the infrastructure and services at Anglesey Airport the authors of the study see growth opportunities for the north west Wales area.

In particular, business servicing clusters could be encouraged and the vast potential of the area for tourism could be realised.

Economists estimate that the so-called Dublin-north west Wales "hinterland" is home to over 2.5 million people.

That's quite a market, and for those with strategic, long term vision, it seems a fantastic opportunity.

A flight time of about 70 minutes for the Anglesey Dublin air link would change be a real boon to the tourist and retail sector both in the Dublin area and on Anglesey.

Imagine Miss Woodward from Beaumaris decides to have a weekend break in Dublin. She wants to visit Trinity College and see the Book of Kells.

Also on her list will be the Natural History Museum, the Guinness Factory and shopping in Grafton Street. Not to forget a late breakfast at Bewleys!

Then there's Jim Sheehy, who works in the Dublin financial services sector, deciding to visit Anglesey for the weekend.

He's been planning to get over to this island for months but kept putting it off. Now that he can pop over to Dublin Airport, jump on a plane and be in RAF Valley about 70 minutes later, clinches it.

He can visit the numerous attractions on the island and stay at a top-notch country hotel at the same time.

Jim may like getting out and about and so he'll head for the new Anglesey Coastal Path, with some magnificent sea and mountain views; a soothing natural massage of the senses after a busy week at work.

So with potential for creating new markets for business and reducing travel barriers for the leisure traveller, we look forward eagerly to the advent of the dublin air link.

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