Yes to Wylfa B, No to Windfarms Offshore

by Barbara
(Benllech Anglesey)

I have lived on Anglesey since 1959 and can remember when it was a booming tourist island it was "the place to be in Wales".

I myself trained in the hospitality business and worked in many hotels on the island. Then came Wylfa which provided many jobs for the people of Anglesey including my father and my husband.

I am very grateful for the thirty years work it provided for my family.

While I have no objections to Wylfa B as we need the power, I am totally opposed to the proposed massive wind farms off the Anglesey coast which will destroy the wonderful sea views and be a danger to the fish, birds and sea creatures off the island coast.

Also the tourist industry will suffer. Jobs in hospitality must be nicer than jobs in making windmills.

Please wake up people of Anglesey and say no to 1,500 blackpool towers out in our Bay and lets make our island a happy holiday place and provide marinas and holiday parks where people may have entertainment when the weather is not so good.

Much better than being an indyustrial energy island. Please speak up before it's too late.


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Comments for Yes to Wylfa B, No to Windfarms Offshore

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Mar 02, 2012
turbanization wind farms
by: Barbara aawt

Well Norman this is exactly what we at aawt our trying to do, warn the people of Anglesey how devastating the proposed on shore turbines will be on our land and our health and well being, and once they have been planted it will be very hard to remove them.

If we love our Island we should all be campaigning against them especially those who are in the tourist industry as they will suffer greatly with loss of business.

The proposed turbines off shore will stretch all the way to the isle of man and be just 8 miles off shore that will be devastatng on the beautiful scenery it does not bare thinking about.

and what about our wild life and sea creatures Dolphins and seals and Birds.

Thanks for your support Barbara

Mar 02, 2012
no wind farms thump wanted
by: norman douglas

Having moved to Anglesey severn years ago from the village of Hightown which is near Formby Merseyside just before the installation of the BURBO Bank wind farm.The farm is now up and running and is over five miles off shore and now the thump thump of the blades moving round with an onshore wind is greater than the thump of the diesel engines in the ships passing up and down this ports waterways. The puplic hearing prior to the go ahead assured all that all would be quiet and none intrusive now the truth has immerged. MAKE A VISIT TO HIGHTOWN TRAVEL THROUGH INCE , over two miles inland THAT is in addition to the other five miles a total over severn and you can hear the wind farm when an onshore wind is blowing.

Jan 02, 2012
by: Barbara

Please come and join Anglesey Against Windturbines ( AAWT )and learn how these turbines can cause ill health if they are planted near dwellings How they disfigure the landscape and could ruin the tourist trade on the island and disturb the wild life and kill many birds. How Bats lungs implode and there is so much more .Cyfarfod Cyhoeddus Nos Iau,Ionawr 5ed Neuadd Bentref There is aPublic meeting in Pentraeth village Hall from 7pm Thursday jan5.Also Friday 6Jan in Moelfre Hall6pm.
The next meeting of the AAWT will bein Marianglas Hall tues 10 jan at 7 30pm.
Please come and help the campaign against these ugly turbines that threaten our Island. Barbara supporter of AAWT Benllech Branch

Apr 10, 2011
Either wylfa or cuts in electricity
by: Barbara

What makes people think that the windfarms are an option instead of nuclear power ?it has never been either or .We cannot rely on windturbines they do not produce enough electricity .Do you want long spells of electricity cuts?
Wylfa power station has a very good saftey record.

Apr 02, 2011
by: Anonymous

They will have 3 fail safe cooling systems in place to prevent situations like that.Also now Japan have shown the world what not to do we should then learn by there mistakes and have 10 fail safe cooling options.Calm down.

Apr 01, 2011
Wake up
by: TommyM

Any type of failure in the cooling system of a nuclear power station can easily produce the same situation as is effecting the people of Japan today. Ask yourself this, what would be the effects of a 30 mile exclusion placed around Wylfa.

100,000 people displaced
A farming community destroyed
A tourist industry wiped out
A major transport hub the Port of Holyhead closed down.

Ask the tourists in Llandudno if they wish to swap the view of the offshore wind farm for a Nucleur power station and the answer is clear.

Wake up and smell the daffs....

Aug 13, 2010
Fast food joints
by: Anonymous

Is that the maximum amount of thought you can muster?
Who mentioned fast food? I said a bite to eat.Romance, is that a new word?
If the council had cahones they wouldn't allow any fast food joints along the road as it was meant to be a thing of beauty.
Oh and BTW you won't find any on the PCH either.

Aug 12, 2010
Pacific Coast highway for Angelsey
by: Cifynydd

that sounds fun, baabaabing! Imagine a big road running through Aberffraw and Newborough with a few KFC and Starbucks outlets aliong the way:)Oh, yes we mustn't forget a McDonalds - but wait there's one already in Holyhead!

Aug 12, 2010
back to the future
by: Anonymous

All you fans of nuclear power stations do realise, don't you, that after these monstrous inventions have ceased producing electricity it takes something like 125 years to clear the mess up? But then you/we won't be around by then, will we? So let's just sit back enjoy the windmill free view and to hell with what happens to others in the future. Why does there have to be an 'electricity market', anyway? The whole world needs electricity and our modern 'demockeries' have handed the supply sources over to profiteers and speculators so that they can make money out of yet one more of the basic necessities of life - just like privatised water supplies.
You can't live off the view and all these polemics about windfarms fall into the time worn 'not in my backyard' school.

Aug 12, 2010
free Wind?
by: Baabaabing

I agree with Barbara.

Joseph seems to think that jobs will be created by the creation of an eye sore on the seascape?

oh sorry wind-farm!Aren't they built in Sweden?
I have lived on Anglesey for an age and throughout this time I have never been able to find work through inward investment as the first thing a potential employer looks for is experience? Guess what? the locals won't have any as the work is new to the area.They will then accuse the locals of not wanting to work? we had to bring in outside workers as they'll be qualified,when they finish the job they'll go home leaving us with the mess.

The same thing happened with Rhosgoch oil terminal.I remember them saying back then it's the future, the only way forward, where is it now? Where are the long term jobs from Rhosgoch?
Its nothing more than somewhere to walk the dogs.
Same old when they built the A55.

Why didn't they build a Pacific Coast highway type of road? One that would show off the wonderful sea views and encourage people to come and stay here?

No the road cuts through the center of Anglesey and shows potential visitors nothing more than derelict farm buildings and fields. I mean would you come back if you drove east to west on that road across Anglesey for the first time? name one pull in along that road (A55 Anglesey)where one has a view? or the opportunity to smell the Anglesey fresh air? or have a bite to eat? or hey!,god forbid, use the rest room (Tesco's can provide the toilets) you wont find one as it was built not for us but as a way of connecting Europe to Ireland A-B without consequence.The next big cock up will be the wind farms. How many times do you see them Turning? Joseph said 'the wind is free!'stop right there Joseph we are on the west coast we have too much wind and as a result they have to turn them off. The only reason the wind farm will go ahead, as with all things in the UK,is that we have to be seen to be doing the right thing it doesn't matter if it's wrong as long as the impression is there. Why not put them in the Thames? They don't work!Get some Binoculars and count how many wind turbines are turning? all you need do is build 10 magic mountain power stations, that way there are out of sight and most effective ways of producing electricity for the masses. I have had my rant and feel a little better for doing so the sad thing is this not everyone will agree with my comments not everyone will disagree and some will be undecided but one thing for sure is the powers that be will, as they always do, go ahead at our expense.One final thought is this quote from the home page of this website, 'With Anglesey coastal path covering over 125 miles of beautiful coastline, our island is the jewel in the crown of Wales. And our island has the title ?Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty?, awarded in 1967 in recognition of its importance to the nation'.and you want to top it,surround it with plastic windmills? Good move fools any body seen the Amalfi Coastline?

Aug 11, 2010
Sorry the wind is not free
by: Barbara

Have you not heard Joseph that the electricity bills will have to rise when these wind farms are in place because of the tremendous cost of erecting them .As far as bringing jobs to the island what about the jobs that we shall loose in the tourist industry do they not count? aren't these peoples jobs important too? Hotels, shops Cafes restaurants pubs and Leisure centres.In a democracy should we not be consulted about our future .Oh sorry we are in the EU.

Aug 11, 2010
wind is free
by: Joseph

we have lots of wind around our coast, so let's use it. we can get the turbines up quickly, and making them will bring jobs to Wales and to Angelsey island.

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