Huge Pod Dolphins off Lligwy Beach

by Steve Adams
(Anglesey, North Wales)


Fishing off a rockpoint near Lligwy 6pm July 10th and I saw a large Dolphin, 20ft in front of me, then to my amazement lots of them in Ligwy Bay.

About a 1000 yards approx to my right,dolpins were jumping and sumersulting 20-30ft.

Must have been large number (100s) as the radius was approx 1 mile as a whole and the dolphins were rising in this vast area.

Headed towards Lligwy then Dulas estuary-Amazing!

Always seen a few here and there but never so many in a large area.

I reckon 70% must have been under the water,so who knows how many there were-young dolphins as well.

Definately Dolphins though as the adults i saw were very big unlike Porpoises.

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Comments for Huge Pod Dolphins off Lligwy Beach

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Mar 03, 2015
by: Gayle

It was a very nice experience for me. When I saw those dolphins, really I surprised. I have spent a week in Lligwy beach along with my friends. I am sure that all of you will like this beach very much. Thanks for sharing!

Jul 24, 2011
dolphins Rhosneigr
by: ste booker / cj parsons

pod of about 100 dolphins sighted off rhosneigr between the hours of 10 to 11pm on the 22nd july 2011. they brought the fish! and came close to the boat was amazing!

Nov 16, 2010
Dolphins playing early one morning
by: mike c

Large pod swimming in Moelfre bay on sunday 14th november. The sea was calm , it was approx 7-30 am , about 10 or so , in and out of the water. Fabulous to watch

Aug 10, 2010
sharks off anglesea
by: Naomi

it's great see the dolphins around Anglesea but don't worry about sharks, they are ok. they are called baskin sharks and only eat plants, not people:))

these sharks - Baskins - have large mouths and they swim along with mouth open, like vacuum cleaners. Lol!

Aug 10, 2010
protect the Dolphins
by: Barbara

Wonderful to see the Dolphins in the Bay at LLigwy . I have seen them many times from the headland Moelfre.

It is so important to voice objections to the offshore wind farms as they are potentially dangerous for the DOLPHINS AND SEA CREATURES.

Many Seagulls have been killed by the North Wales Wind farms and there are many fish skeletons been found near the cables under the sea recently two swans were killed.

And it is rumored that there are now sharks in the sea. Barbara

Jul 14, 2010
Dolphins Lligwy
by: steve adams

Hi Greg
It would be interesting to know approx time you saw the dolphins on the 11th Sunday @ Cable Bay.

The large pod of Dolphins i saw at Lligwy beach were at approx 1745pm Sunday.

Wondering if it was the same Pod or different depending on the time you saw them

Many Thanks


Jul 14, 2010
Dolphins of Rhosneiger
by: Greg Jones

Just spent 5 days in Rhosneiger and saw large pod of dolphins (15-20) on 3 seperate occasions on 11 and 12 July. At one point some were in a close as 20 meters from the headland at Cable Bay

Jul 12, 2010
dolphin sighting
by: Tim

that sounds fantastic, we will have to get over to Anglesey, hire a boat and maybe we might see some dolphins too.

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