Island Methane Power Plant Proposed

by Alison Johnson

Dutch food company Vion wants to produce electricity using methane gas from chicken carcasses from a factory site at Llangefni on Anglesey.

The ambitious proposal envisages a biogas plant built at Brynteg, near Benllech, producing enough electricity for over 1,400 homes on the island.

This plan would see Par Contractors transport over 10,000 tonnes of carcasses from the Grampian Country Foods (wholly owned subsidiary of Vion) slaughterhouse at Llangefni to the biogas power plant at Ynys Uchaf, Brynteg.

Benefits of the proposed £2.8 million project include saving energy otherwise wasted as the carcasses rot, avoiding release of methane, a greenhouse gas which is twenty times more potent than carbon dioxide, and helping to saving six local jobs.

At the moment Par Contractors distributes this animal waste from Grampian foods to various Environment Agency approved agricultural sites across Anglesey, while the blood is taken to England where it is incinerated.

The company has been removing waste from the Llangefni plant for over 20 years.

When the animal waste is delivered to Ynys Uchaf at Brynteg, it would be stored in special underground plastic storage tanks where it would break down under anaerobic digestion, thus releasing the methane.

Using anaerobic digestion means the blood as well as the carcass remains and other waste can be sent to the Ynys Uchaf site.

The methane would then be burnt and this would power a turbine which can generate electricity.

Local Councillor Barry Durkin said that local people are against the idea, saying it would create a smell and that there would be a noise from the plant.

He also added that there is concern about the proximity of the proposed location to a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).

It seems inevitable that a group of local people will kick up a fuss about any initiative, but this one certainly deserves to succeed.

Apart from saving local jobs, it is actually saving energy and avoiding the release of methane, a harmful greenhouse gas, from the existing waste locations.

Crucially it is another way of generating green electricity close to the end user.

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Comments for Island Methane Power Plant Proposed

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Nov 21, 2011
Wind turbine at site now
by: Anonymous

Plan now for a wind turbine at the site????

this will damage the SSSI, I am sure the Birds the area will be injured, not to mention the noise pollution

May 08, 2009
Biogas plants have merit, just need right location
by: Brian

Biogas plants like these anaerobic digesters are a good way of reducing the amounts of methane gas released into the atmosphere.

Having an anaerobic digester is a WIN-WIN situation.

Anglesey would make a big contribution to reducing the volume of a potent greenhouse gas (remember that methane is about 20 times more powerful than carbon dioxide!!)

The island would have a green source of electricity which would benefit local people (about 14,000 households - that's about 50% of Anglesey housing stock!!)

Avoid transport of all those carcasses long distances, also reduces pollution and the carbon footprint.

In fact, the idea is great but perhaps it would be better to site the anaerobic digester next door to the Grampian factory, and use the heat produced too.

Just think, Llangefni would have its electricity made from animal waste, and no need for any heavy trucks driving along the small country roads!

May 08, 2009
by: Mr Nimby

Very simple! The supporter for this plant would probably produce enough hot air to produce their own electricity.

Or perhaps there is more than one person who supports this idea. Get a life and support something worthwhile.

I bet these people still believe in the Tooth fairy and Santa Claus? Getting very tired of being called Nimby's you M***ns. Presume you are related to PAR.

May 07, 2009
Economic and Environmental BENEFIT !!!!!
by: Anonymous

energy from waste
free electricity
tight regulation


To all you NIMBY'S....Please open your eyes and take responsibility for the waste we produce as humans. We need to develop new technology and reduce our carbon footprint or we shall our loose our planet.

If you honestly believe that this has a negative economic and environmental impact then you are truly short sighted. Lets all just stick our head in the sand and send our waste elswhere and let somebody else deal with it....

Why cant we embrace technology, progress and encourage green solutions.

Barrie Durkin and cronies, please take a minute to read the new Welsh Assembly waste Strategy, where it clearly sets out a strategy to develop anaerobic digestion such as the plant in Brynteg is proposing. Digestion is a sustainable way of treating our waste and creating electricty from it. No brainer

So all you short sighted people out there, carry on leading your selfish carbon hungry lives and leave us to try and secure the environment and the Welsh countryside for future generations.

Its these very people that are putting our environment at risk. Afraid of change, development and of something that is actually good.

Mar 26, 2009
Biogas Information Update


I have created a new article for this update, so if you follow the link below you can read the update and of course add any further comments.

Here is the new article with latest update from the protest committee.

Mar 23, 2009
Has biogas decision been made yet?
by: Anonymous

Has a decision been made yet on the Cors Goch Biogas site.

If it has I am very worried considering all the burning that went on.

If a decision has not been made people can still put in their objections to the plant.

Can someone tell me?

Mar 22, 2009
Too many trucks, pollution impact
by: Anonymous

Even if the proposed digester is a good use of the waste as suggested, a couple points adversely affect the plan's green credentials: Transport impact and local impact.

Given that the future of the Vion sites is secure, and currently this isn't definite, then surely the closer this proposed development is to the source of the waste the better it will be - transport efficiency; cost efficiency; reduced impact on locality etc.

If it's such a good idea, why haven't the waste producers done it themselves?

After all, generating ££££'s from waste would seem to offer a big benefit to them.

Some more concrete info on the environmental consequences would seem essential before such a development is given the green light in this location.

Mar 21, 2009
Plume of Poison Over Anglesey.
by: Councillor Barrie Durkin

The actions of Par Contractors Ltd, Illegally burning tyres at their yard in Llanbedrgoch, which has been well documented, producing vast quantities of harmful emissions, polluting the atmosphere, water courses and creating a plume of poison over Anglesey, speaks volumes for their very low understanding of Environmental Impact, even less for their legal responsibility in dealing with waste.

The very thought that such an irresponsible Company has been given a licence by the Environmental Agency to deal with any sort of waste, is to say the least, somewhat concerning.

To give them permission to operate something as complex as a Anaerobic Digester Biogas Plant, requiring sophisticated expertise to treat and generate electricity using Slaughterhouse blood and waste on the edge of a multi million year old Internationally renowned fen land in the heart of Anglesey Tourist Industry with the same blatant disregard for the law, the environment and the people of Anglesey, should be ringing warning bells in every quarter of Authority.

Is it little wonder that 99% of the residents and all the Tourist Industry who could be affected by such a ill conceive development are against the very idear, period.

County Councillor
Barrie Durkin.

Mar 21, 2009
by: Anonymouse C


Mar 21, 2009
Re: Burning old tyres
by: Anonymous

Par Contractors must be trying to "tidy" up their place prior to any potential "official" visits.

In doing so, their obvious lack of concern for the environment is absolutely laughable, bearing in mind their major claim that biogas plants are "eco friendly." If they are willing to burn matter which produces black acrid smoke, goodness only knows what could happen if they were in charge of one of these plants. Their obvious disregard for the environment, not to mention their surrounding neighbours only serves to drive home the concerns expressed by those not in favour of this application.

The whole scenario is an utter farce and should be treated as such by the CCW and the Council Planning Dept.

These plants are highly dangerous in unskilled hands. This fact has already been proven by documented information which reports that in the far east, 4 workers at a similar type plant, have been killed by escaping fumes as a result of lack of expertise and disregard of safety requirements.

I rest my case!

Mar 21, 2009
tyre burning
by: Selwyn

from your description it sounds as if they were burning old tyres.

Mar 21, 2009
Par Contractors
by: Joseph B

Judging by the plumes of black acrid smoke billowing from the proposed site of the digester plant yesterday. Are they having a trial run? I presume PAR had the approval of the Environment Agency to carry out this task?

Mar 19, 2009
Has biogas plant been accepted or rejected?
by: Anonymous

Just wondering, has a decision on the proposed Cors Goch biogas plant been made yet?

Please let us know, when it is rejected


Mar 17, 2009
Birds and Bees at Gors Coch
by: Joseph B

Not many letters in favour for this project.

Now is the time to forget this silly venture and to move on.

How about building a Heritage centre on Gors Goch Nature reserve?

Then everyone can enjoy something which has been on our door steps for thousands of years.

Nature reserve YES. Gas Pooh Plant NO.

Rather pay to watch the birds and the bees. Not animal guts floating down our rivers.

Mar 11, 2009
Last comment anonymous
by: Non resident

Maybe that's why they are advertising on a German or Dutch web site.


Mar 10, 2009
You are missing the point
by: Anonymous

In reply to Peter, I feel that you are missing the point here. This plant is NOTHING at all to do with Grampian/Vion it is an application by Par Contractors who have simply used Grampian as a tool to further their cause.

Their application is to build it on land they already occupy/own and which is used for their current activities.

It would not pay them to put it anywhere else, that is if they have any intention of building this plant at all, bearing in mind the millions of pounds these things cost to set up.

As pointed out in earlier correspondece on this site, it could well be that Par Contractors, who are a very small operation, may merely wish to obtain planning consent in order to sell the site, with planning, to the highest bidder.

As a further point of interest, it is a published fact that these biogas plants are NOT viable and as a result have to rely heavily on "gate money" paid by every Tom, Dick and Harry travelling from every point on the compass with their filthy waste.

It certainly would not be viable for the sole use of Grampian Foods!

Mar 10, 2009
put biogas plant in Llangefni
by: Peter

Why don't they just use the same technology and put it next to Grampian Country Foods?

Seems a no-brainer when you don't need to cart all this waste along Anglesey country roads.

It would only have to shift a few metres into the plant. Just look how many thousands of truck miles, diesel, greenhouse gas emissions you would save by doing this.

Build the anaerobic digester on Llangefni Industrial estate, at the SOURCE of the waste.

Mar 10, 2009
I thought there was something fishy when they wanted planning for 10 tanker sapces
by: Resident objector

This information should have come out when the application was put in originally, no wonder they were so defensive at the meeting.

Green is good but it is totally daft when the company is being counterproductive and producing pollution in order to recycle waste product.

Hopefully this will be an end to this farce!


Mar 09, 2009
The cat is out of the bag!!
by: Anonymous

Having read Barrie Durkins' recent contribution it would appear that "the cat is really out of the bag."

Obviously, if the building of this plant is NOTHING to do with Grampian/Vion then it is little wonder that there was no application to put this stinking plant next to their factory in Llangefni.

It truly is a case then of a minority trying to profit at the expense of the majority!!

It also explains why such a huge number of these tanks (72 I believe) have been applied for in the planning application.

If Vion are only a "potential" customer it stands to reason that in order to safeguard an investment as huge (millions £'s) as that needed to build such a plant, considerable amounts of obnoxious waste would certainly have to be transported in from elsewhere.

This, therefore, would answer the question posed by another reader asking why Par Contractors are putting out advertising feelers as far afield as Europe.

The statement made by Par Ltd., that there would only be two tankers per day going to the plant appears to be way wide of the mark, and highly questionable. In addition, all the claims made regarding this method of disposal being "Green" is truly laughable. Shame on Par Contractors thinking that we were all that "green" to not realise the truth of the matter!

Mar 06, 2009
Biogas Plant Plans Start To Show Cracks
by: Cllr Barrie Durkin

Not even at the starting gate, yet the sheer incompetence and lack of forethought has already brought PAR's plans to build an Anaerobic Digestion Biogas Plant back into the stalls.

Having sent a letter to Anglesey County Council's Planning Authority, "fully supporting the application for the construction and operation of an Anaerobic Digestion BioGas Plant in Llanbedrgoch", VION say. "That this project will deal with their trade Effluent Sludge and Wastes in a more productive and sustainable way than at present, and will play a part in helping retain the jobs of the 350 people employed at the Poultry processing plant".

However, today in a statement from Vion Food Group Communications Controller, at their Head office, the company says that their Environmental Manager was not authorised to comment on matters relating to employment and emphasises that the proposal to build an Anaerobic Digester Biogas Plant is not a VION project, but rather has been made by PAR Contractors Ltd, with VION as a POTENTIAL customer.

After the big fines handed out following the massive pollution problems at the Holsworthy Plant in Devon, together with this revelation that Vion is only a POTENTIAL customer of PAR's plant, is it little wonder that the vast majority of people are very concerned about such an ill-conceived idea?

Mar 05, 2009
interesting point about Vion
by: non resident

That is a very interesting point about the state of the Vion business, they are already looking to make people redundant at the Vion site in Gaerwen, the red meat side of it.

They are now using the 350 people being made redundant as ammunition to get this place built,

I would also like to know why PAR Ltd are advertising on a Dutch or German website, their services. Are they planning shipping the waste in from other countries?

I do think give them an inch and they will take a mile, and then there's nothing we can do it about it. We would be stuck with it!

I would also like to know why Vion are so opposed to putting this plant next to their own plant, having purchased the land from Peboc.

Or maybe Peboc may want to diversify and go into this business?

I would have thought that a precedent had been set when the first Biogas plant was turned down at Gwalchmai.

Mar 04, 2009
Vion Shows Their Hand!
by: Anonymous

Submitted by Councillor Barry Durkin:

Now Vion has today shown their hand by publicly expressing their full support for PAR to construct and operate an Anaerobic Digestion Biogas Plant in the heart of Anglesey's Tourist Industry, adjoining Cors Goch nature reserve quoting that:-

"This project will deal with the site's Trade Effluent Sludge and waste, and will play a part in helping retain the jobs of the 350 people employed at the Poultry processing plant."

It is fair to come to the conclusion as to who is actually behind the idea.

The fist thing that comes to mind is, if the viability of Vion and the security of it's work force depends on whether this application of Par's is successful or not, then I would suggest that the company is in a very bad state of affairs.

This makes one wonder why they are so reluctant to build their own Anaerobic Digester plant adjacent to their factory where they could diminish the need for expensive transport.

Instead they could use the energy from the methane produced to power and heat their own factory, dispel the chances of pollution issues in the countryside.

As for our roads, there would be no pollution from the continuous truck journeys, and they would save vast sums of money in the bargain, ensuring the future viability of the company and the security of it's employee's, in one clean swoop.

Or is it a matter of, "Not on our door step, sonny, we only produce the filth, or more to the point Out of Site - Out of mind."

Barrie Durkin
County Councillor, Benllech

Mar 02, 2009
Biogas a no go by Cors Goch
by: Non resident

Having undertaken my own Cost/Benefit Analysis, using the information supplied on the Planning Application by PAR Ltd.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

nearly 2 million litres of water a month!!

Up to 10 tankers a day!!

Large Flame Burning!

I have decided that the Cost (not only in £'s, but also environmental impact), certainly outweighs the benefit of this scheme.

The outcome from my research has come to the conclusion that the development will be best sited in Llangefni next to the Grampian site, as this has less environmental impact and also in the long run cost less in £'s.

One other point, Gwalchmai biogas Plant

1. why was the first Biogas Plant turned down in Gwalchmai?

2. was it not next to the A5 (a good access for the plant?

3. Was it not in a small village?

4. If it was turned down there, why do they think they can build it in another rural area, next to SSSI Cors Goch?

5. Can we not use the Gwalchmai case to set a precedent to turn the Cors Goch site down?

I think all objections have to be in by the 4/03/09, at the council.

Feb 26, 2009
Biogas plant would damage island tourist industry
by: Cllr Barrie Durkin

Having attended a public meeting in support of my constituents who, like myself, are opposed to the very idea of constructing an Anaerobic Digestion Biogas Plant using avian slaughterhouse blood and waste in the very heart of our tourist industry adjoining Cors Goch SSSI/SAC, I was delighted to see how many people turned up to express their views with the vast majority showing their opposition.

We are all, in one way or another concerned about greenhouse gases, pollution and waste in general, but their needs to be a common sense approach to such complex issues.

Any remedy of dealing with, in particular slaughterhouse waste, whether it's by Anaerobic Digestion, Pyrolysis Technology or Rendering, should be dealt with at source and not transported around the Country creating all sorts of problems for everyone else.

One argument raised by the applicant is that of employment and how it could effect six jobs if the application was refused!

I don't suppose they have considered, that if this plant is approved and anything did go wrong, as with Holsworthy, it could destroy the local tourist industry, the jobs and businesses dependent on it and decimate Cors Goch and Cors Erdreiniog Nature Reserves at the bat of an eye lid.

As it is, the very thought of coming to this area for a holiday only to be confronted by such an obnoxious development, and all it would entail would be enough to keep many of our tourists away for ever.

Anaerobic Digesters aren't widely used yet but tend to be used for sewage sludge at sewerage treatment plants and for animal manure on farms on a very small scale (Not just for slaughterhouse blood and waste).

Digesters are only marginally effective at reducing problems with odours, pathogens and greenhouse gas emissions from animal waste or sewage sludge, and are incapable of making any cheical contaminations in the waste go away.

Digesters aren't emission-free. They are known to emit nitrogen and sulphur oxides, particulate matter, carbon monoxide and ammonia. The main potential impact would be nitrogen and ammonia deposition from the aerial emissions.

Cors Goch is special because it is very low in nutrients. In this respect, a development that is dealing with large volues of high nutrient on the edge of the site will need to prove that it cannot possibly affect the low nutrient status.

As an elected Member I have a duty to consult my constituents and the people of Anglesey about anything that could affect their quality of life and am doing that with out fear or favor right now.

Gwalchmai and Bryngwran opposed a similar ill conceived plan in 2006, which was refused. If it wasn't good enough for them then, what makes them think it's good enough for us now?

Feb 26, 2009
Biogas plot thickens
by: furious benllech resident

yes, i think previous post could be true (sprat and mackerel!).

Why don't they just build it at Llangefni. this would make lots more sense, and they could get heat as well as electricity!!

i think there's a secret plot to sell the land to make lots of money. it's just a property development by back door.

Feb 26, 2009
by: Anonymous

I would like to pose the following questions.

These plants cost millions of pounds to build. Where would the money required actually come from, apart from any possible government hand out?

Bearing this in mind has anyone actually had official confirmation from Vion themselves confirming their intention to build this biogas plant?

Is their involvement, apart from making use of the facility, only hearsay?

Is their name merely being used as a "sprat to catch a mackerel?"

Surely if it was for Vion's own use, as we are being led to believe, it would make more sense, as already pointed out, to put it next to their own place in Llangefni?

However, as these plants are not viable concerns, it would make no economic sense for them to embark upon such a scheme purely for their own use.

It is logical to suppose and I think highly unlikely, that a small company such a Par Contractors would have access to anything like the resources required to fund such a scheme.

I fear, therefore, that it could well be the intention of Par Contractors to merely obtain planning consent on the back of Vion (sprat) then sell the land with planning to the highest bidder.(mackerel)!!!

Feb 24, 2009
Llangefni is best place for biogas
by: Jenny

agree with Mike earlier that Llangefni would be best place for this biogas plant. Put it next door to the Grampian Food factory. Easy to shift the waste "next door". Why don't they at least look at the possibility?

Feb 24, 2009
Chimney would burn 24/7

Brian, technically I agree with you that it should be better to turn methane into electricity.

However, in this instance, what has not been taken into consideration is the issue of the 40ft.(or possibly even larger)chimney which is required for the biogas plant.

From what we were told at the general meeting, this chimney would burn 24hours per day 7 days per week thus constantly spewing out hazardous fumes.

Surely, therefore this methane to electricity process cannot genuinely be seriously considered "green" or eco-friendly.

A chimney stack of that proportion would certainly be a notoriously noticeable land mark capable of spreading dangerous fumes a distance of some 2miles.

There may well be valid reasons for supporting this biogas plant but on balance there are many more valid reasons for NOT supporting the proposal.

Feb 24, 2009
Lots of Methane
by: Brian

Concerned resident said:
"One thing that has been overlooked so far is the amount of methane these plants produce."

I thought that was the point. Because methane is about 20 times more powerful than carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas, we need to stop its release.

So using the methane to make electricity is better than letting it drift up into the atmosphere from a landfill site. Yes?

So I am for a biogas plant.

However, I agree with Concerned Resident that all those trucks driving through is not good for the villages, as you showed with the Devon example.

Feb 24, 2009
Do not be hoodwinked by biogas promises

I fully agree that we all have to become more "Green" aware and on the face of it such a plant would seem to be a good idea.

However, on reading about the devastation a similar plant has caused in Holsworthy in Devon, it has become abundently clear that we must all pull together to ensure that the same thing doesn't happen here.

Initially, the community of Holsworthy were in agreement with the idea but in reality, it has destroyed their community, with large volumes of heavy goods traffic, pollution from exhausts and permanent putrid smells.

Do we really want Benllech and surrounding areas sitting on the perimeter of a huge cess pit?

From information given at the general meeting it is clear that this proposed biogas plant will be huge with a massive 72 tanks for slaughterhouse waste and blood.

As the Holsworthy residents have found out to their cost and according to an independent official study, these plants are not viable unless waste is transported in from a very wide area.

Who are Par Contractors kidding when they say there would be only two tanker loads per day?

It is highly unlikely this would be anything like enough for a fraction of the number of tanks which they propose to install.

In view of the rumours regarding Grampian laying off workers and therefore reducing production what happens then?

Slaughterhouse waste would have to be transported from elsewhere, indeed possibly, as stated at the meeting, from as far away as Ireland and obviously from the mainland.

Is this really what our beautiful Island deserves?

Once this abomination is set up and running it will be too late there is no going back, ask the people of Holsworthy!!

Residents on the Island have previously successfully joined forces to oppose one of these plants and we must follow suit.

It was not good for them and it is certainly not good for us. One thing that has been overlooked so far is the amount of methane these plants produce.

From all accounts these plants work on a fine margin of balance in order to work correctly needing scientific expertise.

In the hands of amateurs, therefore, it could be tantamount to putting explosives in the hands of children!!

Feb 23, 2009
Brynteg Anaerobic Digester Plant, No Thanks!
by: Joseph B

A great big Thank You to Barrie Durkin for all the his facts and figures.

Nice idea but totally in the wrong location.

Par ontractors and Vion would be better building this plant on the Skerries or perhaps Puffin Island!

Then they could live happily ever after, and breath the lovely clean air which the plant would not produce!

What happens with the end waste product?

Par says fertiliser (yeh right!). My guess is piles of stinking, rotting waste matter which will be left in the open for months on end.

We could change the name from Gors Goch Nature reserve to "Vermin paradise".

There are other ways of making money, but please, not at the expense of our beautiful countryside.

Feb 22, 2009
Anglesey Biogas Plant Raises More Questions
by: Anonymous

Re numerous arguments about Biogas plant at Bryn Teg.
1. 6 jobs could be lost, what about the many tourism jobs that could be lost because of the plant.
2. The clean water discharged into the river. The water table is exceptionally high in this area, especially after a period of heavy rain, are we going to be looking at floods with that extra burden on the water course.
3. The fact that it is quite a distance from Benllech is not true, the stream it will be discharged into goes directly into Benllech by the Doctors Surgery and eventually on to the beach.
4. I went to the meeting with an open mind and listened to many half truths and heard a lot of questions that could not be satisfactorily answered.
5. If Grampian Foods were to cease trading where would the waste be carried from, possibly from a great distance which would defeat any green benefit gained by the plant.
6. Gors Coch is a SSSI and would be seriously damaged if nutrients from the plant pollute the habitat.
7. People living very close to the site rely on well water and the idea of their water source being contaminated by the plant is not very palatable.
8. In principle it is a good idea but totally in the wrong place. It would have more GREEN benefits if it were sited on the Industrial Site next to where the waste is produced.

Feb 22, 2009
Build biogas plant in Llangefni
by: Mike

Can someone tell me why Vion can't build this methane gas plant next door to Grampian foods in Llangefni?

it would be far more efficient, produce the same green electricity and avoid all those lorries on the road carrying animal waste.

I'm not a veggie but i am concerned about greenhouse gases and wasteful journeys.

And please don't talk about smells. Have you ever been on Llangefni Industrial estate during the week? sometimes the smell is overpowering, so there would be no worse.

Feb 22, 2009
Anaerobic Digester Not Good For Island Tourism
by: Non resident again

Well said, Carole. Tourism, especially along the fine sandy beaches on the east Anglesey coast near Red Wharf Bay and Benllech, would be affected by methane biogas effluent from Cors Goch.

Another reason for building the biogas anaerobic digester on the old Peboc site right next to Vion or Grampian.

They could even use the 2 million litres of water produced per month to flush toilets etc or even get the best biogas anaerobic plant to produce very clean water and can use it for clean down in the production plant.

Does anyone else apart from me worry about all that water and pollution upsetting everything?

There also seems to be a few references to Wylfa, may I point out that there is another debate board for this subject. we are debating the biogas plant here.

Feb 22, 2009
benllech methane power plant
by: carole

The electricity this biogas plant at Cors Goch could generate would go into the national grid.

It will not benefit local people on the island.

Just the perception that a slaughterhouse plant near to Benllech will ruin the tourist industry which Anglesey relies on.

Would you bring your children to visit Cors Goch if this goes ahead?

Shame on this council if this is allowed. It should go on an industrial site not next to an SSSI.

Feb 20, 2009
keep waste in Llangefni
by: Will

i agree with last person about all those big trucks carrying waste to Benllech, lots of pollution. why can't they just build the biogas plant next to Grampian food in Llangefni?

electricity for people in the town, no heavy trucks on small road, heat for the factory too!

Feb 20, 2009
2 million litres and vehicle pollution
by: Non resident but I see why people are concerned

You seem to have picked up on the weakest part of the debate and left out the most important points.

I am greener than the next person (except for veggies) , but it is pointless recycling the stuff when you just create pollution from tankers.

I am not a veggie but I have a respect for other people's beliefs and was merely putting across their views after researching this.

One point you have not discussed is the pollution from up to 10 tankers a day that could be accommodated by the development.

Diesel used, tankers produced, rubber tyres, upkeep of the road system etc.

And one of the most important points, what do you propose for the 2 million litres per month being put into the water table, that will effect down stream Benllech and Red Wharf.

Do not ridicule people's beliefs it is not at all cosmopolitan or desired.

This is supposed to be a debate board, not a slanging or belittling board.

Please answer the nearly 2 million litres of water and the vehicle pollution?


Feb 19, 2009
comment confusion
by: Editor

It's great that visitors are leaving comments, but we seem to be inundated by Felicity's.

Please could each Felicity put a letter behind her name so we know who's who!


Feb 19, 2009
Green Energy or Vegetarian Lifestyle?
by: Anonymous

This is the most ludicrous thing yet to be mentioned!

Stopping green energy for the sake of people who do not eat meat! Next you will be trying to stop leather shoes being worn to walk along the public streets in case of offence. Get real!

Feb 19, 2009
by: Anonymous

Answer to 'Felicity'
Because 'Biogas' is invisible and houses are not.

Feb 19, 2009
Vegetarian lifestyle would not help island
by: Felicity

If Anglesey relied on vegetarians where would the 1000+ factory workers around the island go for work? Vegetarian is a personal choice, not one that is to change the progress of Wales and the World.
Get a life!! that's the lowest point for an argument yet to be mentioned. hahaha

Feb 19, 2009
Candlelight instead of Green energy
by: Felicity

People still seem to be ignoring the facts.

Green energy will not be put on hold for any vegetarians. You've got to move with the times!

Vegetarians are not ready to accept green energy and yet nuclear is good enough.

There wouldn't be a Gors Goch let alone a Benllech if Wylfa was to go wrong.

Think of others and if green electricity is such a problem, well, just live off candlelight.

Feb 19, 2009
Hypocrisy on Anglesey
by: Felicity

the last comment hit nail on head. Why do Anglesey planning department say this place is an AONB and stop houses being built, and then let this biogas plant go ahead?

better to have the plant next door to the Grampian Food unit, so they get the electricity locally and you don't have trucks going back and forward Llangeffni to Benllech, so less carbon footprint.

Stop this idea, please.

Feb 19, 2009
49 litres per minute of water put into the water table!!
by: Non resident, but I can see people's concerns

I am all for green, but 72 x 75,000 litres of blood can be serviced by up to 10 tankers a day, which have to be transported to this area.

It's great being green but should you really do this at the expense of increasing a carbon foot print?

They say that 49 litres of water per minute will be expelled into the water table and Benllech is down stream of that. A little heavy rain has seen rivers flowing down roads and grids popping up.

This development is based on what PAR's information that would see 49 litres per minute, 2,940 litres per hour, 70,560 litres per day and 493,920 litres per week extra water being put into the water table.

That is why people in Benllech are worrying. An upgrade of the drainage system would have to be done first.

Also I understand the point made by vegetarians as well.

As veggies they make a conscious decision not to eat meat or animal products, but how can they ensure that their house is not receiving electricity made by this plant.

Vion want this project, but why not put it in the empty Peboc factory right next door. They would not have to transport the waste and the factory could use the electricity to power their own plant.

Another fact, on the local development plan, Brynteg was deemed AONB and people wishing to build an estate of 40 houses were told NO, because it is a rural area.

It will be hypocritical of Anglesey Council to allow an industrial development to go ahead.

There cannot be one rule for one and one for another. They have to be consistent here.

Feb 15, 2009
Benllech Resident and Methane gas plant
by: Rachel

As a resident in Benllech for over ten years, I can't understand why the people of the village are getting so het-up about the whole thing.

For a start, the place is nowhere near Benllech if you think realistically.

It's not Wylfa B for god's sakes. Get into the 21st century with the rest of the world.

Feb 14, 2009
Anglesey needs green energy
by: Pete

this biogas idea for Brynteg is a great idea. just think of all the methane gas that we don't release into atmosphere when it goes to make electricity.

what's matter with people? don't you like it if your relaxing shower, nice hot cup of tea and toast comes from chicken carcass and blood?

come on, get into 21st century, people!

Feb 13, 2009
In favour of Brynteg Biogas
by: Sarah.p

This is a great idea! Stop making such a fuss over the low-risk complications please! Green Energy all the way!!!

Feb 13, 2009
Cors Goch Nature Reserve
by: Sarah

I am against this plan to put animal waste at this site in Brynteg. I listened to Councillor Durkin telling us that there is a risk that waste fluids could run into the river near the special scientific interest site at Cors Goch.

And what about the nearby beaches? What would happen to the water quality and the special awards our beaches get for being top quality?

Feb 11, 2009
chicken electricity
by: Jim

This sounds like a great idea, taking chicken remains and using them to power my computer and TV. Now that's what I call smart energy:)

Come on people, stop complaining. What will you say when lights go off?

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