Island Biogas Plant Application Update

by Protest Committee
(Benllech, Brynteg, Llanbedrgoch)

A proposal to build a methane biogas plant at Cors Goch near Benllech on Anglesey from animal waste has caused huge controversy on the island.

The local councillor Barry Durkin has been very active in opposing the application by Par Contractors for an anaerobic digester and incinerator, and below is an update from the local Protest Committee:

It is the understanding of the Protest Committee that before the outline planning application for a proposed slaughter house waste & blood biogas plant, adjacent to Cors Goch Nature Reserve can be progressed, Par Contractors are requested to supply much more detailed documentation to support their case.

Once this has been submitted and the views and recommendations of the Countryside Council for Wales and other authorities are known, we will be in a much stronger position to determine the precise course of action required.

The Protest Committee will oppose any planning application which we feel is not in the best interest of the community in general and which would drastically affect the holiday trade on the Island.

The fact that the site for the proposed enormous digester plant and chimney stack is in the area adjoining Cors Goch SSSI and part of the European protected, Corsydd Mon, Special Area of Conservation, in itself, in our opinion, should be sufficient to prevent planning permission from being given.

However, in the meantime, we would ask anyone wishing to lodge an objection to please write in to the County Council Planning Authority to register their disapproval of the proposed scheme, quoting Planning Application 30/C/630A.

At this moment in time it is understood that the only other anaerobic digester plant which is the same as the one proposed, is in New Zealand and we are at present endeavouring to obtain as much information as we can about the performance of this facility and the impact it has had on the surrounding area.

As is well known though, a similar plant in Holsworthy in Devon has been an unmitigated disaster in every respect.

It is undeniable that the construction of these plants is not only a blot on the landscape but safety failures, accidental or otherwise, would cause far reaching environmental consequences.

The natural beauty and tranquility of our Island must be maintained if we are to protect tourism, the lifeblood of our community.

Updates will be published as and when more information becomes available.

In conclusion, the Committee would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has taken the time and trouble to write to the Council opposing this planning application.

Your letters of protest are a vital contribution in helping to have planning consent for this plant denied.

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Comments for Island Biogas Plant Application Update

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Mar 11, 2015
by: cole

We need to teach the people about the importance and the use of this power. It is our duty to explain to them that there is no danger in this and this is for their own good.

Dec 18, 2009
Anglesey Anaerobic Digestion
by: Anonymous

Anaerobic Digestion (AD) is a proven technology and when such a facility is properly designed and regulated it should not significantly impact on the local community.

There may have been problems with other plants in the past but the industry and regulators have learnt and this alone should not prevent this technolgy being used when it diverts waste from landfill.

Landfill (such as Llanddulas) produces vast quantities of methane, some of which is collected and converted into energy, but much of it is released to atmosphere where it contributes to global warming.

Methane is approximately 20 times more potent than carbon dioxide in causing global warming so it must be captured effectively.

Anaerobic digestion converts biodegradable waste into methane in a safe environment provided controls are in place (we all tolerate Wylfa which is potentially far more threatening to our existence)

The key to this site, or any proposed plant is to ensure it is designed and operated correctly from the outset. We all produce waste directly and indirectly e.g.abattoir waste, and we must accept that waste needs to be treated effectively.

Saying no based on scare stories, ignorance, political point scoring and shelfishness should not be an obstacle to Anaerobic digestion (AD)plants being developed. Do the people of Anglesy want another landfill or new progressive waste technologies.

Lets show the rest of the UK what can be done. You decide.

May 19, 2009
Wallace and Grommet Biogas
by: Joseph B

Looks like PAR do not even have a license to do what they are doing already. They make Wallace and Grommet look good.Or is that an insult to Wallace and Grommet?

May 18, 2009
New biogas plant planning application in
by: Anonymous

What abot the 2 million litres of water each month that is expelled by this type of plant, this will go into the water table and cause flooding in Benllech, may even lose the European blue flag status on the beach, which in turn ruins tourism.

we are all for being green, but should you really transport the waste, creating more pollution by trucks? Defeats the object somewhat.

It should be built right next door to the VION plant and they can use the energy used and can also used the water for their CIP system that they will use.

Scroll down for new application

Rhif Cais / Application No:
Cyf Grid / Grid Ref: SH
496 814
Swyddog / Officer:
J I Williams
Ymgeisydd / Applicant :
Mr Padrig Huws
Bwriad / Proposal:
Cais am dystysgrif cyfreithlondeb ar gyfer defnydd tir presennol fel iard cludiant, contractwr amaethyddol ac iard gweithredwyr tanciau septig, safle rheoli gwastraff a chompostio ac iard llogi offer yn / Application for a certificate of lawfulness for existing use as a haulage yard, agricultural contractor and septic tank operators yard, waste management and composting site and plant hire yard at
Lleoliad / Location:
Ynys Uchaf, Brynteg

May 08, 2009
In reply to Brian
by: Anonymous

I think you are a little off the mark with your comment that biodigester Plants "avoid" methane gas.

On the contrary obviously, the process CREATES methane and if the delicate balance within the tanks is not scrupulously maintained, by EXPERTS there is a definite risk of explosion.

You obviously have no idea of the enormous size of the plant that Par would wish to build.

Seventy two tanks the size of mini gasometers - get real!! If that lot went wrong it would light up all of North Wales never mind produce a token amount of electricity to light up part of Pentraeth!!

If you lived anywhere near to the proposed site then surely, the ever present stench, toxic fumes and constant heavy traffic polluting the whole vicinity must surely be a matter of concern for you?

Or is it that you live far enough away for it not to be a problem?

May 08, 2009
What about the methane gas
by: Brian

The last but one pro-biogas anonymous comment is right because the huge amount of methane gas that gets produced in landfill.

Using the anaerobic digester is a way of avoiding this gas which is over 20 times more powerful than carbon dioxide.

If people care about the planet and their children and their children's children, they will see that this is a good way of saving the climate.

If enough biogas plants like this are produced we could generate a big slice of electricity, at lower costs, and so help tackle the problem of fuel poverty.

May 08, 2009
In reply to the NIMBYs comments
by: Anonymous

In reply to the previous contribution,I suggest you read up on the horrendous example of the plant in Devon before backing such a hair brained scheme in such a sensitive area such as Par Contractors propose.

In addition, presumably, you did not read the "Mail on Sunday" last week-end which photographed the biodigester plant which may be the source of the Swine Flu outbreak in Mexico.

The smell there is so awful that it made the journalist, Sharon Churcher vomit. However, it was an extremely illuminating article to say the least.

Not only did it highlight man's inhumanity to animals, it also proved man's inhumanity and indifference to his fellow man.

No consideration whatsoever has been given regarding all the poor souls living within proximity of that plant, who have been made ill, or have already succumbed and died!!

It is all well and good saying we must implement such methods for disposal in order to save the planet and I am all in favour of being more "green" but not at any cost.

"It begs the question, who is going to save the people from the people saving the planet?"
Holsworthy in Devon has already set alarm bells ringing, clearly, you should get your head out of the anaerobic muck and hear them before it is too late!!

May 07, 2009
Economic and Environmental Benefit
by: Anonymous

To all you NIMBY'S....Please open your eyes and take responsibility for the waste we produce as humans. We need to develop new technology and reduce our carbon footprint or we shall our lose our planet.

If you honestly believe that this has a negative economic and environmental impact then you are truly short sighted. Lets all just stick our head in the sand and send our waste elswhere and let somebody else deal with it....

Why cant we embrace technology, progress and encourage green solutions.

Barrie Durkin and cronies, please take a minute to read the new Welsh Assembly waste Strategy, where it clearly sets out a strategy to develop anaerobic digestion such as the plant in Brynteg is proposing. Digestion is a sustainable way of treating our waste and creating electricty from it. No brainer

So all you short sighted people out there, carry on leading your selfish carbon hungry lives and leave us to try and secure the environment and the Welsh countryside for future generations.

Its these very people that are putting our environment at risk. Afraid of change, development and of something that is actually good.

Apr 21, 2009
biogas plant temporary halt
by: Margaret

It's important to know more about the environmental implications of this methane biogas plant project, and as such it would be a wise council that puts any decisions on hold and does not prejudge the issue, until it can put all the facts before the residents of this beautiful island.

It does seem a very strange place to want to put what would appear to be an extremely large industrial complex with all the infrastructure problems consequent on not placing it geographically in the centre of a large catchment area.

For example in order to be commercially profitable would it have to bring in products from all over North Wales and the North West of England?

Imagine the traffic!! I find it repellent, the idea of moving large quantities of animal waste and blood so far.

If it's being 'green' that's important, what's wrong with setting up small local farm methane converters, such as were set up in Mid Wales by Farm Gas nearly 20 years ago?

Mar 30, 2009
Stop the biogas application
by: Anonymous

I believe that this should not go ahead because of the economic and environmental impact it will have on Benllech, Brynteg and Llanbedrgoch.


Mar 26, 2009
fight this application
by: Helen

I'm really worried about how things are going. We must put more pressure on them, before it's too late. the island will lose visitors with this horrible plant.

Get your friends to come on here and say what they think.

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