Ysbyty Gwynedd Ghost Story

A spooky story about the Ysbyty Gwynedd Ghost by an author so frightened that they preferred to remain anonymous.

We hope you enjoy this Ysbyty Gwynedd Ghost story and it follows hot on the heels of our accounts of paranormal investigations at South Stack Lighthouse and the Wylfa Ghost of the former New Zealand Opera Singer.

Spooky happenings in the corridors of Ysbyty Gwynedd

Ysbyty Gwynedd seems to have seen its fair share of supernatural occurences and the following are tales recounted by several employees.

“My friend Alwyn and I were on night duty in the hospital and we had gone down to the canteen for our meal.

On our way back to the ward we passed the lift area.

Waiting for the lift was an elderly man. I can still picture him, looked about 70, short stature, white curly hair and dressed in a brown dressing gown.

Lift number three opened and he stepped into it. Just as it closed we reached the lift and pressed the button. The lift immediately re-opened but there was no sign of the old gentleman.

Bizarre or what?

There was no logical explanation. It was definitely lift 3 which re-opened as lift 2 was out of order, lift 4 was up on the top floor and lifts 1&5 are only used for stretcher cases!!”

“ I was working on the night shift on Mona ward in the old C&A hospital. The Night Sister asked me to go over to Anne Ward to relieve the staff while they went on their breaks.

Across the corridor from Anne Ward was a private block which was looked after by the Anne Ward staff. While I was there I went to answer a call bell from the private block.

The gentleman in room 4 needed assistance which I gave him. On my way back I noticed an elderly lady sitting in the dark in room 2.

On enquiring if she was alright, she replied that she was okay but couldn’t sleep. I asked her if she would like a cup of tea and she replied “yes”.

I took her the cup of tea and returned to the ward. I told the staff nurse that I’d been to help the man in room 4 and that I’d taken a cup of tea to the old lady in room 2.

She looked at me confused and said that the only patient in the private block was the man in room 4. The two of us returned to room 2 and found the room empty apart from the cup of tea untouched.

On further discussion it came out that an old lady had been in that room who used to have problems sleeping but she had died three days earlier!! Spookeee!!! Could this have been the Ysbyty Gwynedd Ghost?”

“One night I was working on Lower Surgical Ward in the C &A. A week prior to this the Ward Sister had died suddenly.

Whilst doing the tea round the following morning, one of the patients asked me who the sister was that had visiting during the night.

I replied that it was Sister Hughes, the Night Sister. She said that couldn’t be possible as she knew Sister Hughes and it wasn’t her.

The only other option was Sister Lewis, the other Night Sister but she knew her as well so it couldn’t have been her.

When I asked the patient what the Sister looked like she described the old Ward Sister to a ‘T’.

I reckon it was the Ysbyty Gwynedd Ghost and she had come back to check up on us. Spookie, indeed!”

Anglesey Today

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