South Stack Puffins Video, Anglesey Coastal Path

You will likely see some South Stack Puffins if you come along the Anglesey Coastal Path usually between the middle of May and mid-June. We hope you enjoy this video showing the location of the puffin colony.

These auks are a great sight to behold. With their characteristic yellow-orange beaks, often carrying a fish, you can watch them in action on these cliffs.

The characteristic sound of the puffins can be heard even before you see the cliff face. As you approach from south of Elin's Tower, that unmistakeable sound tells you the puffins are home.

And what a place to rest after a long winter at sea. Fortunately for the visitor there are some powerful binoculars and telescopes available at the RSPB centre at Elin's Tower.

Some years ago the puffins would go to Puffin Island - hence the name - off Penmon Point on the east coast of Anglesey. Then a rat problem drove the puffins away, as their eggs were being destroyed, and they found a sage haven here at South Stack.

More recently this problem at Puffin Island appears to have been resolved and some puffins have returned to the small island off East Anglesey.

So during your walk along the Holyhead to Porth Dafarch stretch of the Anglesey Coastal Path, don't forget to have a look at this breathtaking cliff location near the lighthouse.

To find this location, go to the map here and start in the west near Holyhead. South Stack is just further west from the town, near Holyhead mountain.

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