South Stack Cliffs Video, Anglesey Coastal Path

Standing close to the edge of South Stack cliffs, near Holyhead, this offers a great view from nearby the Anglesey Coastal Path.

This pathway is a great way to get close to the cliffs near South Stack without taking too many risks. You will see some more adventurous souls taking to climbing down these huge imposing wedges of granite rising from the sea.

The winds are often stringer up here on the ledges than normal because of the "kattabatic" wind effect, as the air is forced up the steep slopes.

During the stormy season you can just about get along part of this path, without getting blown over, and be showered with a fine spray of white foam. This is the frothy salt from the waves lapping the rocks below.

A great experience and for sure, you will not meet any climbers on these occasions!

Out to sea at the right time you may well see the Holyhead Dublin ferry making its way across the Irish Sea.

While closer in if you look carefully, you may just spot a passing bottle nosed dolphin or harbour porpoise. And there are plenty of flora and fauna all around you on the cliffs to keep you occupied.

And nearby along from the RSPB Observation point at Elin's Tower is South Stack Lighthouse, a long serving sentinel of the Anglesey coast and guide to passing ships and small craft.

To see where South Stack is on Anglesey, take a look at the map here. South Stack is in the west, outside the town of Holyhead.

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