Liquified Natural Gas, Amlwch, Anglesey

LNG stands for liquefied natural gas. Natural gas becomes a liquid when cooled to -160 degrees centigrade.

It is a clear, odourless liquid, which is neither corrosive nor toxic.

LNG Global Markets

The main suppliers of liquefied natural gas at present are Russia Iran and Qatar. Other resources are being developed.

LNG is transported in tankers built with a special double-hull. The tankers need about 15 feet of water when fully loaded.

This explains why the waters off Amlwch on Anglesey are such a good location for delivery and discharge of this cargo.

LNG Projections

Natural gas is the cleanest fossil fuel for burning. It creates lower emissions than coal or oil..

More information on LNG can be found here

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The above article and other supporting articles linking from this page, and relating to the application for a regasification plant at Amlwch, have been provided to Anglesey Today by Canatxx LNG Limited for the purposes of communicating to local people how the proposals may affect them.

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