Gillan Backs Wylfa Nuclear New Build

by Steve Jones
(North Wales)

Welsh Secretary Cheryl Gillan MP has reiterated her support for Wylfa B, the proposed new nuclear power station for Anglesey, saying that it will be in the vanguard of new generation nuclear plants in the UK.

Following widespread concern last month at the appointment of anti-nuclear Liberal Democrat MP Chris Huhne to the key energy portfolio in the new Conservative Lib Dem coalition, Mrs Gillan has written formally to the Energy Secretary to confirm her support for Wylfa B.

This is a project that many experts predict will pump around £8 billion into the island and neighbouring regional economies over the coming decades.

It is understood that this formal letter is intended to set the tone as momentum builds up for the commissioning of new nuclear reactors on Anglesey.

Mrs Gillan has invited either Mr Huhne or his colleague Charles Hendry MP, the Energy Minister, to visit Anglesey on a fact finding mission.

One of the issues raised by the new Energy Secretary Chris Huhne is whether there is a need for public subsidy for new nuclear build.

In what is such a strategically important portfolio, such doubts will be seen as unhelpful in creating the right "mood music" for the whole new generation programme.

Turning back to Anglesey, the Welsh Secretary says that she is very mindful of the state of the island economy, with figures showing it as having the lowest GVA (gross value added) in the UK, exacerbated by the unfortunate closure of the Anglesey Aluminium smelter at Holyhead, along with other business closures.

Mrs Gillan also referred to a visit she made to Trawsfynydd where decommissioning of the old Magnox reactor has proceeded very succesfully, and she believes the expertise of the skilled workers here could help with the eventual decommissioning of the current Wylfa A, possibly from the end of 2010.

As well as the nuclear focus, the Welsh Secretary also referred to the major offshore wind turbine developments at Gwynt-Y-Mor, east of Anglesey and at Rhyl Flats.

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Comments for Gillan Backs Wylfa Nuclear New Build

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Jun 19, 2012
government dithers
by: Harry

this governemnt are pussy footing on Wylfa B. get a move on for sake of Ynys Mon people!!

yeah, guess they dont want nuclear plant in Bucks.

Jun 17, 2012
Not in my back yard
by: Anonymous

I doubt whether Gillan would be so keen for Nuclear Energy, if the proposal was to build the Power Station close to where she lives!!

Jun 17, 2010
get a move on Huhne
by: Clive

it really comes to something when the Welsh Secretary has to tell the energy secretary to get real on nuclear.

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