Coasteering on Anglesey, Adventure Activities off Island Cliffs

If you love the outdoors and water sports in particular, then coasteering on Anglesey may be just the activity you are looking for when you come to the island.

Over recent years this exciting coastal activity has gained a growing following in Britain amongst those who enjoy the thrill of adventure on rock faces and in the sea.

In fact it may not be an exaggeration to say a coasteering adventure is now among the most popular outdoor activities in Wales.

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A a growing number of organisations offering adventure packages include this activity as an option, and they will provide you the basic equipment such as wet suits and advise you on what you need to bring with you.

So what can you expect from coasteering on Anglesey? Well, you will have the certainty of being lead and trained by a fully qualified instructor, who will keep an eye out for you and keep you going during difficult moments.

The normal practice is for each participant to go through a short induction phase to pick up the important safety tips so you will be fully aware of what you can expect.

Important aspects of this include how you cope with the various rock surfaces, interacting with your colleagues and the changeable sea conditions in most scenarios.

Naturally the rock formations above the shoreline vary, and coasteering on Anglesey is no different in this regard, so the challenge can be graded to suite the strengths and skill level of the team member.

For example, there are some great locations for these expeditions around Porth Dafarch rocks near Holyhead.

This area is very exposed in southerly gales and a big sea picks up, with waves crashing against the cliffs. Old ship wrecks are evidence of how treacherous these waters can be at times.

There is in fact an expedition currently looking for sunken gold coins from three ships sent by Louis XVth during the Jacobite rebellion.

It’s worth reflecting on the fact that though a coasteering adventure is not a dangerous pastime in itself, there is a chance that you may pick up the odd graze or bump as you scramble across rocky faces, dripping wet from your climb out of the sea below.

Just follow the instructions from your leader and be aware of the safety rules and you should be fine.

If you stand on the cliffs near Porth Dafarch you will see coasteerers jump in and so inevitably you need good body equipment to prevent your body heat from being lost.

Along with a wetsuit you will want to have on hand an old pair of trainers or wet suit boots if available.

Those who have experienced jumping in off the rock ledges into the waves below, point out the thrill and excitement of then having to swim across towards the next rocky outcrop and climb up the slope.

You may even find a crack or a cave which you can explore, and small winding grassy paths to climb before your next jump challenge.

Taking part in coasteering on Anglesey is also great as a team building exercise as you need to be able to help each other and give encouragement to a member who may be struggling with a particular challenge.

It's a wonderful way to make new friends that can last a lifetime. The aim is teamwork and having a great time outdoors.

Remember after all this outdoor activity is for fun and enjoyment in the fresh sea air and so it is tiring, so pace yourself otherwise you may cause yourself an injury.

By doing what you feel comfortable with you will want to return to the island and have another go.

It’s best not to go for the hardest course straight away and don’t be tempted to try to compete with other colleagues who may be more experienced.

So as you plan your coasteering on Anglesey trip, find yourself some comfortable self-catering accommodation or a guesthouse around Holyhead or Trearddur Bay.

A guide will advise as to which of a number of locations you will attempt, depending on the wind strength, direction and state of tide.

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