Yacht Sinks off Puffin Island

by James

In rough seas yesterday a yacht sank off Puffin Island, near Penmon on Anglesey in what is a notorious stretch of tidal waters.

At about 1415 on Friday afternoon, 11 June 2010, the RNLI inshore Lifeboat from Beaumaris was called out to rescue two local men aboard the stricken vessel.

The 7.9 m Westerly yacht was making passage in the very strong tidal currents at Penmon Point near the Trwyn Du Lighthouse.

According to MCA Holyhead Coastguard, the Westerly went aground near Trwyn Du, with its rudder being torn off as it made contact with the seabed.

Valiant attempts were made to pump out the water from the beached yacht but these proved to be in vain, according to the RNLI.

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