Wylfa B must go ahead asap

by Tony Bradley

Wylfa B is essential in providing carbon free electricity into the future. It is also essential to the economy of Anglesey.

Because of the uncertainty of supply and loss of contract a major employer on the island has already shut down (Anglesey Aluminium).

Modern nuclear power plants are already some of the safest units in the world and generate electricity without depleting mineral reserves.

This is a very important point when the world reserves are dwindling and increasingly coming under a political control outside our ambit.

Building the power station will bring much needed new investment into the island which will be of benefit to all who live here in the form of jobs and new businesses.

Having lived and worked on the island before the start of Wylfa and seen it through the development and construction of Wylfa A there is no doubt of the transformation that it brought to this side of Anglesey.

Therefore I am fully supportive of Wylfa B and consider the construction of Wylfa B to be essential.

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