Wylfa B good for Anglesey

by Trefor
(Ynys Mon)

I live near Wylfa Power station and i want to see them build a new plant when the old one closes down.

Wylfa has brought very good jobs and money to the island for over 35 years and it would be a disaster if we don't replace this power station.

Many local people have got work from other businesses who provide services to Wylfa. What will happen if these jobs disappear? The PAWB people must give us answers about where the new jobs will come from, and we are talking about over 500 here.

On the news they say the lights will go out in Britain if we dont have new nuclear stations, and there is also the global warming problem.

It's all very well the Stop Wylfa campaign telling us we must not have a new nuclear station, but we have to think about the young people and school leavers. They need to have hope for the future.

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Feb 13, 2008
Need new Wylfa Power Station
by: Will Jones

I agree. Wylfa B will be good for Anglesey and our young people. More jobs, more investment for the island. And if we also have the tidal project near Skerries, even better. Time is running out, let's build for the future. You are right about lights going out. Britain is going to have electricity supply problem in 10 years if we dont build more nuclear power.

We should stop Pawb, not Wylfa B.

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