Wind Farm Developments on Anglesey

The idea of a wind farm on Anglesey ten to fifteen years ago would have been unthinkable to most people.

Today, however, using wind power to provide clean wind energy is more accepted, particularly as we all focus on the coming energy crunch.

Wind power is increasingly seen as a green energy contributor to a solid, balanced energy policy in Britain and other countries around the world.

So what contribution does wind power now make on the island?

Well, there are now three wind farms, two are situated near the north coast while the third is close to Llyn Alaw (Lake)in the centre of the island.

See the Map of Anglesey here to find their location The wind turbines near Llanbabo village and Llyn Alaw (Lake) were completed in 1997. Operated by NWP Limited, this farm has thirty four (34)turbines.

It's amazing to think that at one time there was no lake here.

I was only a baby when they excavated some of the family land to create the reservoir which now supplies water for the island.

It's also a popular spot for those keen on fly fishing.

As you drive up the narrow tree lined lane from Llyn Alaw (Lake)and approach the brow of the hill the tips of the turbine blades come into view. In fact the towers are about 31 metres high and each three blade rotor has a diameter of 44 metres.

Apparently the blades can rotate at about 30 rpm, unless of course there's no wind, which is one of the downsides of this form of energy. And we often get flat calm conditions on a summer day or on cold frosty winter nights!

The experts tell me that Llyn Alaw wind farm has a capacity of 20.4 MW (mega watts)and can produce an average 60,000 kilowatt hours (KWh) each year. This is enough to provide electricity for 14,000 homes in the local community.

With the whole world beginning to wake up to the serious threat of global warming because of greenhouse gas emissions, wind power is an excellent source of carbon free energy. Llyn Alaw farm prevents about 43,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions each year!

Llyn Alaw Wind Farm is part of npower renewables, a subsidiary of the blue chip utility RWE Group, and an established player in the rapidly expanding renewable energy field.

To the north of Llanbabo, if you continue along through the village of Carreglefn and head for Rhosybol, you will find the next farm at Trysglwyn.

The site is about 1 mile (2 km) east of Rhosybol and to the south of Amlwch.

The alternative route is to go along the A5025 coast road to Amlwch and follow signs for Rhosybol.

See the map for more detail.

Trysglwyn, which is a £6m investment, is close by the historic Copper Mountain -or Parys Mountain- a site of past and present interest in copper mining.

It has 14 turbines and an installed capacity of 5.6 MW. Our atmosphere benefits by avoiding the production of 12.4 tonnes of carbon dioxide annually.

So that's another plus for wind energy!

Our local communities here on Anglesey do well out of the presence of wind turbines. A special trust set up when these farms were built provides over £5,000 each year from revenue towards local projects.

The third farm outside Cemaes (which is about two miles west of Amlwch on the A5025)has 24 400 KW wind turbines. And nearby is Wylfa Power Station which also generates low carbon electricity, though on a far greater scale and more consistently.

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