Sir James Lovelock and Wylfa B

by wylfa B all the way

I agree with scientist Sir James Lovelock, nuclear energy is this is the only way at the moment to stop global warming.

And it will produce the electricity needed to feed globalization and all the gadgets that everyone has.

It can even run cars, if the car manufacturers and government would sort it all out.

I am not saying it is a permanent solution, but we do not have the technological knowledge or the room to power what especially the West needs in terms of energy yet.

However, I am sure that if nuclear power stations are built to help this short term problem of global warming and the need for electricity, technology will evolve to allow us to power our own homes and cars.

And this can be done without pollution, that is using biogas from sewerage and waste food, allowing homes to be powered by these, and solar power too.

Food factories can be powered by their own effluent on their own sites.

People seem to blame nuclear and I agree it is the fear of the unknown etc.

But nobody seems to say anything about transporting foods in and out of Britain causing pollution and cross contamination across countries.

We should be self reliant.

No body says anything about chemicals being added to our food and our water source.

We are being forced into having chemicals added to our drinking water.

These are what cause all the problems; packaging, wasting food etc.

People should think about the bigger picture, not just here and now.

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Feb 20, 2009
Lovelock is right
by: The Limpet

agreed Wylfa all the way! i once saw Lovelock on TV and he said he would be happy to have a small nuclear plant in his back garden.

there would be no need to worry about hot water, or keeping warm in winter. Ha! :))

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