Say no to Wylfa nuclear

by Wylfa Walker

The tourism industry on Anglesey can generate more income if there is not a new power station. Not only does a power station create tremendous chaos during construction.

It masks the other devastation of the countryside by additional transmission pylons and road infrastructure that will dwarf the windfarms.

These also ride on the back of the Celtic Array cluster between Anglesey and the Isle of Man.

With wind farms I do not need to be issued with potassium iodine tablets 'just in case' there is an accident.

Neither does any accident of a turbine require mass evacuation of half the island away from harmful radiation.

Note: Thanks Wylfa Walker for your contribution. National Grid plc is currently carrying out a consultation on the proposed new infrastructure required as part of the upgrade of the UK's power transmission system.

On Anglesey it seems the option is to have the new pylons running over land or alternatively the more expensive way, by undersea cable to the mainland.

If people are concerned about the extra costs being added to their energy bills, the undersea route would be mean a further cost.

According to recent reports in the media, Ofgem estimates the upgrades beinbg carried out by National Grid, SSE and SP Power will add on average about £12 per annum to bills.

As to the choice between wind and nuclear, I think you'll find the majority of people on Anglesey are favourable to Wylfa B, which Hitachi will now drive forward, after their purchase of Horizon Nuclear Power for £700 million, as it will transform the island's economy.

It will also provide a real boost to the rest of North Wales as it offers jobs as well as opportunities for the engineering supply chain.

The Celtic Array (Centrica and Dong Energy)which will consist of the Rhiannon Wind Farm in the North Irish Sea in a zone between north Anglesey and the Isle of Man is also good news for Anglesey.

This will offer further engineering job opps for local people who will have gained relevant skills at the Fabrication Centre, part of Coleg Menai in Llangefni.

As for the iodine, I think this is a worry too far. New technology incorporating the element beryllium now means fuel rods would not melt down in the highly unlikely event of a reactor incident at Wylfa or any other plant to be built in the near future.

I hope this helps.

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Aug 29, 2017
by: Anonymous

I have just been to the Fukushima exhibition. It should be mandatory for the decision makers to go and see this and even talk to the ordinary people. Do we want this for our children?

Oct 29, 2015
Save our Isle of Anglesey from toxic pollution
by: Anonymous

Please don't build a new nuclear power station on beautiful Anglesey or anywhere near it.
Any accident would cause radioactive contamination across vast areas of land for a long time.
Radioctive waste is continuously leaked into the environment from nuclear power stations leading to significant cancer clusters in the local area
Nuclear corporations violate human rights and environmental justice for indigenous peoples, minority populations and affected communities.
Let's harness clean energy alternatives such as solar, wind and wave power instead that will not poison our children, mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters.
Save our beautiful environment - Please!!!

Mar 02, 2015
by: Woca

I am totally against all such violence and this entire feud. I have always thought of what man would gain by doing all this other than pain and suffering. Why can’t people just live in harmony and peace. Then the world would have been a better place.

Apr 28, 2013
by: Jean Kelly, winsford.

First I would like to point out to the person how included a rude comment([MODERATED] off to the lake district) I do not think my comments warrant this rude remark.

I do not live on Anglesey but I have friends who there, al I am also proud of fact that on my fathers side of our family, we're born on Anglesey. I am proud of the fact that I am a scouser in case you don't know, I am from Liverpool.

As for going to the lakes, I have been and yes I loved it there but this can't compare to anglesey.

The lakes has one of the biggest nuclear power stations in the uk nearby. So please ask youself why you felt the need to be rude. Check yourself why can't they put the new station elsewhere on main land Wales coast after all it's for their benefit as well.

All the other points you made on the subject, I agree with . In building the station it will creat much needed employment for a short time and only a selected few will be lucky.

I think some blame should be laid at the governments door, they have never invested any money or given grants to encourage the people to stay on Anglesey and not go elsewhere for employment.

Over they years the stopped the farmers from farming too much corn ect. And people have suffered because of this. I suppose at the of the day the station will be built and the government will take the creadit for it, the fact is its all coming out of the peoples in tax,s rates,ect: I rest my case.

Apr 27, 2013
by: i live here you dont

dear miss j kelly of winsford just to let you know my dad was on the constrant of wylfa in the 70s as he had been a saturation diver all over the world worked for 30 years in that job so if you dont like wylfa than [MODERATED] of to the lake distrat then ps i was also born in cheshire /blacon stamford rd so there ps dont forget the summer here is only six months long and all the jobs are part time like tesco/ marrision /spar /asda ok hope you enjoy your next holiday where ever that my be

Mar 23, 2013
Condemn , Wylfa Nuclear.
by: Jean Kelly. winsford.

I live in cheshire and i am as far removed this matter.But i can see just how detrimental this will be to the people of Anglesey,and i stand along side of them in this matter.

I am returning to Holyhead(near by) this year, and hope to add my voice/ comments to what has already been said.

NO, i dont want to come back time and time again to see this ugly monster of a nuclear station set down on Anglesey,s beautiful landscape.

There is the wind farms already there and they must be doing a good job of providing power otherwise they would have been removed by now.

Apart from the risks to people and the environment, and there are such riskS. I also see the forcoming loss of visitors/ holidaymakers and money imput coming to anglesey. PLEASE STOP THIS HAPPENING NOW. Worried lover of anglesey.

Mar 06, 2013
Countryside Commission
by: Anonymous

I see that the Countryside Commission has objected to the proposed holiday village at Penrhos, Holyhead as it would be s blot in an Island of Outstanding Beauty. However, building a massive concrete power station and constructing high pylons across the island it seems is ok? I sometimes have difficulty in understanding the logic of decisions!

Feb 10, 2013
by: Alf

the earth did move here too. heard it was about 2.5 on Richter scale. no problem for Wylfa.

We never seem to get anything in UK on scale which could be a risk for new nuclear power atations :)

Feb 08, 2013
Nothing to worry about?
by: Anonymous

Our political leaders say that the Wylfa Power station is a big boost for Anglesey and for the UK.

It is safe says Professor Lovelock, eminent expert on Nuclear Power, from his home in Somerset.

London and Cardiff politicians, who do not live anywhere near North Wales also confirm "we" need Wylfa power to ensure the lights stay on.

Was that an earth tremor I felt last night - the earth certainly moved for me.

Davie Galloway, of the BGS, said: "We've had about 40 or 50 people contact us last night with comments like 'the windows shook, the rumbling seemed to come beneath our feet, it was like a lorry crashing into the house'.

"It was the sorts of descriptions and reports that you get for an earthquake that size.

"We record about 150 to 200 earthquakes somewhere in the UK every year.

"North west Scotland and north Wales are probably the most seismically active out of those areas."

No need to worry, disasters only happen elsewhere.

Jan 31, 2013
Suppliers to Wylfa B.
by: Anonymous

How does one find out how to become a supplier for the construction of Wylfa B?

Jan 23, 2013
by: Hugh

there's a nuclear station in Hartlepool, that's got lots of people living there.

Jan 22, 2013
Water Cooling - Norman
by: Anonymous

Liverpool, London, Cardiff, Bristol, Brighton, Newcastle all near or on coast and need far more electricity use than Anglesey, Cumbria and East Anglia. I think density of population more to do with siting than "limitless amount of water to cool reactors"

Jan 09, 2013
Solar Panel Farm & Wind Turbines.
by: In the know

Hello to the greed and useless Wind Turbines and Solar Panels.

Good Bye Tourist. End of story

Jan 06, 2013
Water cooling
by: Norman

They build the nuclear station near coast because there is a limitless supply of water to cool the reactors, look at a map of nuclear plants around the UK.

Same elsewhere. See France for example and Japan.

Dec 30, 2012
by: Anonymous

Indeed! If nuclear power stations are so safe they should be built near the cities that use so much electricity - that would remove the necessity for pylons to cross the Straits. Also, we already have wind and sea available to create all the power we are likely to need - why should our island be spoiled to supply other people?

Dec 20, 2012
Elecricity Needs
by: Anonymous

With the power that will be generated by the offshore windfarm and added to the power generated by the Dinorwig Power station in Llanberis - surely that would be more than sufficient electricity generation for our needs in North Wales.
If another power station needs to be built, why not build it nearer the cities where the requirements are greatest. It would save the high cost of underground / undersea / pylons etc - thereby reducing construction costs and cost to the consumer. Problem solved.

Dec 20, 2012
more wind turbines please
by: Trefor

I dont mind having wind turbines so long as they are out at sea....a long long way from our island...
Nadolig llawen:))

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