Proceed with the new build!!

by Simon

I firmly believe that the government needs to proceed with the build of the second nuclear power station on Anglesey.

My reasoning for this is that we need to safeguard the current jobs and give the possibility to create new ones too.

We all need to work to live and pay the bills and if there is the threat of the current power station closing and the second not being built this would be devastating for Anglesey, and for the people who would lose there jobs and income.

This is my opinion being generated from an outsiders point of view as I work off the island and if I was in the position of maybe losing my job and livelihood and there was the opportunity to prevent it I know where my hopes would lie.

So please proceed with WYLFA B and do it fast so all those people's jobs can be secured.

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Feb 06, 2009
Children will have to live with Sellafield legacy?
by: Anonymous

I am glad I no longer live near BNFL Sellafield.
As a child growing up there i worried about radiation on the beaches and the fear that something would go wrong.

There is no way I would bring my children up near the Sellafield site.

My Sister, Father, Auntie and cousins all worked at BNFL. One had suspected radiation burns.

Money is not everything, my Gran always told me that the Sellafield killed her daughter she died of leukemia in the 70's, she hated my Dad working there.Its easy to bury your head in the sand and take the pay check.

It is the shadow it casts on peoples lives and the fear of the unseen. You should ask the young children what they think.

Are they scared? They are the ones who will have to live with it.

Mar 17, 2008
New Nuclear Build Urgent
by: Jamie Leah

I heard on Radio Wales today that we may have to increase the percentage of nuclear energy in the electricity mix from the present 19% (and falling) to 35-40 per cent.

When you think about it this makes sense if we are to really tackle the problem of becoming reliant on importing energy from unstable parts of the world and also to have a low carbon source of electricity generation.

So if this is the case, I think the odds are very high for Wylfa B going ahead. The commentator on the radio said that the UK will suffer a serious shortage of steady supply - what he called "baseload" - if we do not proceed with nuclear new build and seriously tackle the urgent need for clean coal, using the new carbon capture technology.

Mar 11, 2008
Wylfa B and Job Security
by: Richard Campbell

Yes, the sooner the private companies can come forward with plans for the new build, the better.

I heard recently that John Hutton, the government minister responsible for energy policy, would be happy to see nuclear power represent more than the present 19% share in the energy sources for electricity generation.

So if this is the case, the chances are very high for Wylfa B going ahead and for the jobs to be saved and even better, more to be created.

Mar 10, 2008
by: Anonymous


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