One Wylfa B or Hundreds of Unsightly Windmills?

by Fred Whiting

There is a some opposition to a new nuclear station on Anglesey replacing the original, but not everyone is in favour of those wind turbines.

These turbines despoil the landscape and then there's the whining 24 hours a day,if it is windy, which is not always the case.

Perhaps someone who knows should inform us exactly how many windmills it takes to replace Wylfa.

The figures I have seen so far show about 6700!

Would Anglesey take this number and is this what the residents want?

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Comments for One Wylfa B or Hundreds of Unsightly Windmills?

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Oct 13, 2011
by: Anonymous

Nuclear is not safe, whoever said that!!!

Sep 20, 2010
wining all day!
by: Keith

ah! so that's what students do in Llangefni- is it red or white? Wylfa gives us lots of power but those turbines dont' always turn- if no wind or its too strong. nuclear is also very safe.

Sep 16, 2010
dont you realise?!
by: Ysgol Gyfun Llangefni Student

would you rather have whining all day, or would you rather die of a mistake that might happen in wylfa b? think about it!

Apr 08, 2010
One Wylfa B and hundreds of towering pylons
by: Marianne, living on Anglesey

When you build a nuclear power station in a 'remote' area, you also need to put up lots of electricity pylons which tower over the landscape. In the case of the current Wylfa, these march across Anglesey and Snowdonia to link up with the national grid. In the case of Wylfa B, the pylons would be twice as high.

The pylons are a good deal more unsightly than wind turbines which, in any case, can be built out at sea.

Nov 01, 2009
Wind turbines off Anglesey
by: Editor

There is already a large wind farm being built off the east coast of Anglesey and north of Llandudno, called appropriately "Gwynt y Mor".

DECC approval for wind farm east of Anglesey

Oct 29, 2009
wind turbines mania
by: Jim

this is a crazy suggestion. I think Mr Gomberts is right about the 5MW.

As for Wylfa, it is just under 1,000 MW I think, which means that it is equal to about 200 wind turbines. but i reckon you can add to that because of the lack of wind, so perhaps need 300+

Oct 29, 2009
wind turbine noise
by: A Gomperts

Don't know where you get the whining from. Wind turbine noise is composite.

Sources of noise include the blade tips and edges, mechanical noise, some wind noise around the tower, etc.

There are arguments about how much nuisance a wind turbine gives rise to.

A typical large wind turbine rating these days is 5 MW.

5 x 6,700 = 33,500 MW or 33 GW.

Wylfa must be a very big power station indeed!

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