New Wylfa Is Unecessary

by Martin Brook
(Trearddur Bay)

For a fraction of the cost of Wylfa B and the time it would take to build this new reactor, we could have a "Waste to 1%" facility that would create as many or more jobs.

This facility would also be diversified so as to
include a training and conference centre, as well as a business and holidaymakers tourist centre.

The Centre for Alternative Energy in Machynlleth is already Wales's largest tourist attraction and Anglesey could have so much more if there was a bit more imagination.

Editor: thanks for this Martin, perhaps you could share a bit more insight into the "waste to 1%" idea with readers.

Yes, the Alternative Energy centre seems to get some very positive comments from many people who have visited the location.

Don't you think that we need a balanced approach, using both micro-generation but also the larger power generation facility for the baseload needs?

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Comments for New Wylfa Is Unecessary

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Nov 12, 2009
we welcome wylfa b
by: Anonymous

we welcome wylfa b on anglesey, those who do oppose it have no idea what it means for a declining island. wind or tidal power doesn't put food on the table. with anglesey aluminium now closed i would say we on anglesey and surrounding areas who have to live and have lived with a power station on the island welcome it with open arms.

Feb 16, 2009
Island energy co-operative
by: Tim

the idea of running green energy on a co-operative basis on Anglesey is a really good one. It would get people involved in the project, they'd feel a sense of owning it. It's great, go for it.

Feb 16, 2009
Alternative Centre for Energy
by: Martin Brook

This unique centre could be a multi disciplined site incorporating a number of "green technologies", using different forms connected to the grid.

In addition it would be possible for several manufacturers of for instance wind turbines, both vertical and horizontal axis, to locate here so that live comparison was available for potential interested parties to compare them.

Possibly tidal power could be included where there is proven technology and a plethora of other forms including Hydro and magnetic and solar.

There is also the opportunity to develop waste reduced to 1% with modern methods that could make the project a net exporter of energy as well as an educational and tourist attraction.

This could all be run by residents of the Island on a cooperative basis utilising different skills and experience to the benefit of the whole community similar to the way the Danes do.

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