My Anglesey Coastal Walk May 2010

by Neil Holmes

South Stack Lighthouse

South Stack Lighthouse

I visited the island of Anglesey for a short weekend break in November 2009 and bought a copy of the guidebook as I was interested in long distance hikes.

I picked May as I knew the weather would be fairly dry and sunny but not too hot. I took 7 days to cover the entire 125 miles, camping on 5 nights and staying at a B&B on the other.

What an amazing time I experienced, and I had to overcome a lot of obstacles along the way. On the first day I slipped on a footbridge and fell into a stream, soaking me through and damaging the LCD screen on my camera.

However, I managed to dry it out enough so that it would work through the viewfinder, but eventually had to buy a new one.

I also lost my guidebook as it was soaked through, meaning I had to rely on the O/S maps I had brought with me. These were excellent as always and mark the Path out clearly, but lack the additional information the guidebook provides.

By day three I had decided to get a new copy of the guidebook so took a train from Rhosneigr to Llanfairpwll (I was walking anti-clockwise).

Unfortunately I arrived too early for the tourist information so had to wait 30 minutes. When they opened I found that there was a new 2010 version of the guidebook due out in July, and the old copies were sent back already, so I'd wasted a journey.

Returning to Llanfairpwll station (the famous station with the very long name) I found that I had another 75 minutes to wait for a train back to Rhosneigr.

I almost gave up at that point, but was determined to complete the walk. I ended up walking part of the route in reverse but still managed to completed the full circuit.

It has to be said, it's a testament to the variety and beauty of the island that I ended up thoroughly enjoying the trip.

The Coastal Path is not easy, and if I was doing it again I would take at least 8 days next time.

There's plenty of good campsites along the route and some amazing sites that you probably wouldn't see if you were in a car.

Highlights for me included the amazing coastline around Holy Island, Newborough Forest with its red squirrels and passing under the bridges on the Menai Strait.

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Mar 02, 2015
by: Amy

The image of the South Stack Lighthouse posted on the webpage is much interesting and I would like to visit the place. Could anyone post more on the location of the place so that I would be able to know more about the place?

Jul 11, 2011
walk coast on anglesey
by: Anonymous

yes, good account. we've also done some of this coast. very beautiful views. a week sounds about right to me.

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