Local people do not want a new nuclear power station on Anglesey

by Gerry Wolff
(Menai Bridge)

A recent online poll in the North Wales Chronicle showed that 80% of responding to the poll are against the building of a new nuclear power station on Anglesey.

This is very much in line with our experience in collecting signatures for a petition: a clear majority of people we have asked are willing to sign in opposition to new nuclear power on Anglesey or anywhere else in Wales or the UK.

As a premier tourist destination, Anglesey is damaged by the presence of this dirty, dangerous industry.

In addition to tourism, there are many better kinds of employment for the island -- in information technology, in agriculture, in renewable energy, and in many other kinds of clean industries and businesses.

The many problems with nuclear power are described here: http://www.mng.org.uk/gh/no_nukes.htm .

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Comments for Local people do not want a new nuclear power station on Anglesey

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Mar 15, 2011
by: Intelligent but worried.

After Japan, we all need to be aware. If the cooling system fails at Wylfa A or the proposed B, how on earth are we to get off the Island. Many of us want to know about evacuation plans, have they been published yet? Are there sufficient supplies of iodine tablets, and should we be holding them in our own homes?

NOW IS THE TIME TO STEP UP THE CAMPAIGN, whoever is in charge - this is the perfect opportunity.

Mar 23, 2008
New Nuclear Jobs Bonanza
by: Ronald Jones

It never ceases to amaze me how the anti-nuclear groups like PAWB either cannot or refuse to see the obvious boost of high quality jobs from a new nuclear build programme at Wylfa on Anglesey.

Going for Wylfa B will involve hundreds of construction and engineering jobs for the best part of ten years. Then there will be the science and engineering and management and plant operating jobs once the plant is up and running.

Add to this the boost to local supply and service businesses in the building phase and afterwards, and the future looks really good for the island.

All that can put a spanner in the works would be a decision not to proceed with the new build, inspired by the ant-nuclear campaign.

Mar 23, 2008
by: Wil

This is a very weak argument. 80% of respondents could mean 10 people who responded, eight of which were anti!

Using your argument, at the time of me writing this one could say that 50% of respondents are in favour of Wylfa B. Claiming that tourism on Anglesey is damaged by the fact that Wylfa A is there really is laughable.

I would imagine that the vast majority of tourists don't even know it is there! Dirty and dangerous industry? How has Wylfa contributed to dirt? And how many dangerous incidents have there been?

There may well be different kinds of employment available, but I don't see many farmers who have a confident vision for a secure future in farming, while tourism and renewables will never replace the number of well paid jobs at the plant.

Read the news, where other councils in the much vaunted 'prosperous' north-east' are embracing the possibility of new-build.

But, they are ensuring that the promises of 3,000+ construction jobs and 700+ staff jobs for 40 years and more will be augmented with better roads, improved facilities etc. And their schools will be full (take note!) with improved job prospects in the support industries.

The trouble with us North-West Walians is turning away all kinds of industry and employment because it's the 'wrong sort' with the result that we find ourselves in the mess we are now in.

Tourism is not the answer; real jobs, real prospects and keeping Welsh-speaking communities in their localities should be.

Mar 22, 2008
I do not believe it!
by: Wylfa neighbour

80% of students maybe. Most people I talk to are all in favour of Wylfa B.

Mar 17, 2008
Nuclear Scaremongering is no help to Anglesey
by: Jamie Leah


Your comments are not helpful to Anglesey, Wales, the UK or for that matter the rest of the planet. Come to think of it, which planet do you live on?

This is not just a problem of dealing with the needs of the local economy, but also we need to look at what is right for our country and the planet.

For Anglesey and North Wales, a new nuclear power station would secure local jobs and create new ones too. First for the construction and then to operate plant.

Then there is help for UK. To make sure we are not reliant on Russia and the Middle East countries for our energy supplies, mainly in the form of gas to run our power stations.

And don't forget the greenhouse gases and climate change. With nuclear power we will become more self-reliant for our needs and help the planet.

Seems a winning argument for me, and for many others too.

And from what I hear, Mr Wolff, the vast majority, about 90%, of local people want a new power station at Cemaes.

Have you asked Anglesey Aluminium what they would like? More wind turbines which are not always working or a solid, steady, reliable supply from a new nuclear power station.

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