Maritime Museum, Holyhead, Anglesey

You will find the Holyhead Maritime Museum housed in what is reputed to be the oldest (c.1860) lifeboat house in Wales. It is located on Newry Beach about 200 metres to the west of Holyhead Marine Boatyard.

Holyhead has a long and distinguished association with the sea. The museum's overarching theme "From Creek to HSS" captures this tradition perfectly. ("HSS" refers to the high speed ship that runs between the port and Dun Laoghaire, Ireland. It is an icon of fast and efficient modern sea travel.)

Following a positive response from the public to exhibitions held in the town in the early 1980's, a dedicated group of local people set up the Museum in September 1984. The original site was a former church in the town though its location did not attract the deserved level of visitors.

Records show that the first lifeboat saved 128 lives from 18 launches. Its successor, the Prince of Wales, saved 130 people in 38 attempts.
Key dates in the history of this lifeboat station:

1875: Building extended to accommodate a new boat, Thomas Fielden, donated by Joshua Fielden MP and his family.

1890: The addition of the second lifeboat, James Whitworth, meaent the building hasd to be extended again.

1915: A new sailing boat, Fanny Harriet, replaces the James Whitworth.

1930: All lifeboat activity ceases as the building is handed over to the Board of Trade.

1939-45: Building is used by Royal Dutch Navy servicemen based on ships in the Outer Harbour.
At the time of writing the Museum is undergoing major expansion and renovation work.

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