Help Me Hire A Private Boat on Anglesey

by Jessica Ledger

Where can I find a private boat hire place on Anglesey that will allow us to scatter my Nain and Tide's ashes along the coast?

Is there anyone who you would be able to give me a contact for?

Everything is appreciated.

Thank you,

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Comments for Help Me Hire A Private Boat on Anglesey

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Jan 10, 2009
A Charter Boat for Hire
by: David

Jessica, this might help.

Anglesey Private Charter Boat

Jan 10, 2009
Boat Charter for Red Wharf Bay
by: Anonymous

Hi I have a charter boat that will suit you
Please call Jon on ........... to discuss.

Jan 09, 2009
Anglesey Boat Hire
by: David

Hello Jessica,

Thanks for your posting question about boat hire on Anglesey. I have contacted the skipper of a boat which is used for fishing charters and other functions and could be suitable for your needs.

Stand by......

Kind regards,

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Jan 09, 2009
Red Wharf Bay Boat Hire
by: Jessica

Just off the shore of Red Wharf Bay
My granddad was born there in Llanddona so we'd need a boat to go a little way out and let a few of us attend to scatter their ashes.
With it being quite a secluded part of the world, it's hard to get information, even though our family live there.

Thank you so much for your help!

Jan 08, 2009
Where do you want to go?
by: Jim

where would you want the boat to scatter the ashes?

Around Penmon and Puffin island or down on the Menai Straits?

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