Greg Evans Boosts Wylfa B Campaign

by David Phillips

Former Wylfa Power Station site director Greg Evans has pledged to campaign strongly for new nuclear build on Anglesey after stepping down from his post last month.

Although Mr Evans has now taken up a new role with UK power giant Centrica, his home is still on the island, so having his knowledge and experience would be invaluable as the island makes a case for new nuclear build.

As things stand, Anglesey is in the leading pack for new nuclear development sites, after the consortium Wylfa Bow Bidco Limited, formed by a joint venture between German energy firms RWE npower and E.ON, bought land near Wylfa.

At the moment the UK Government is overseeing a
Strategic Site Assessment (SSA) of 11 sites including Wylfa
, and the final decision on selected sites should be made in 2010.

Greg Evans believes the chances of Wylfa B going ahead as "very likely" though points out that any planning consultation process "comes with high risk".

He notes that while nothing is absolutely certain, Anglesey has some real positives in its favour, not least the solid community and political support, an asset other locations for nuclear sites would greatly welcome.

As a former nuclear site director Greg Evans is well placed to know what they will be looking for as the SSA is made. He envisages working closely with the local Site Stakeholders Group (SSG) so that he can contribute to making a "new nuclear site a reality on Anglesey".

Clearly having a new Wylfa B nuclear plant would be major contributor to economic recovery on the island, providing jobs across various skill profiles and boosting the local supply chain.

Residents on the island are all encouraged to take part in the consultation process, wherever they stand on the Wylfa B issue.

Turning to the current Wylfa power station, Mr Evans said the plant made an enormous contribution to the Anglesey economy and that there was a good chance that its operational life could be extended beyond December 2010.

In fact, a business case is now being made for this scenario, when the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority will present the evidence to the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change.

Potentially we could see the present Wylfa nuclear plant continue until 2013, though this relies very much on a strong health and safety argument.

Anglesey MP Albert Owen welcomes the involvement of Greg Evans in the campaign for Wylfa B, saying "his experience in the nuclear industry will be invaluable for such a campaign."

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Comments for Greg Evans Boosts Wylfa B Campaign

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Jun 03, 2010
Greg should be still in charge
by: Anonymous

Greg is a decent man and should still be in charge at Wylfa not that bloke from bristol. put him in charge of the new one i say

Oct 29, 2009
For Wylfa B
by: Alun

I believe that the island needs this new power station and we should not be pushed aside by outsiders.

I hope the island councillors are also behind the new power station as I believe that another line across Anglesey will be needed.

Their rigid ruling that there will be NO more power lines across the island will be the power stations downfall. Trying to get power off the island by other means (dc link) will be so expensive, that the power station financiers may well be put off. Where will we be than?

No more Anglesey Aluminium, No more MEM, No more Wylfa. The prognosis - more unemployment, more debt, more small industrial estates where most of the premises remain unused.


Oct 28, 2009
fine nuclear station architecture
by: Steve

actually I think the nuclear station on Anglesey blends in well with the land and sea. whichever power source you use there will be some dangers

Oct 28, 2009
by: Pam

Pity really; nuclear power stations are dangerous and ugly and spoil the beautiful island of Anglesey

Oct 28, 2009
Anglesey nuclear campaign
by: Roy

great news that Greg Evans is still batting for new nuclear on Anglesey after moving on. need to build the momentum.

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