Fire Shuts Down Anglesey Aluminium Plant

by M Roberts
(Ynys Mon)

Five fire engines had to fight a huge blaze at the Anglesey Aluminium Metals Ltd (AAM)smelter outside Holyhead on Thursday evening.

Reports suggest the fire was started due to failure of a 132 kilo volt transformer. The incident caused the burning of up to 40,000 litres of oil.

Eyewitnesses from the nearby Holyhead country park reported seeing a large black plum of smoke rising above the town skyline.

No injuries were reported at the smelter and the incident was of such magnitude that a foam carrier from Caernarfon was needed in addition to the five fire engines.

A number of roads leading out of the town near the aluminium plant were closed in order to deal with the emergency.

North Wales Fire and Rescue Service confirmed the plant had been isolated and closed down.

The smelter plays a significant role in the local economy, employing over 500 people.

This incident is significant as it draws attention to the plant's urgent need to secure a new reliable source of electricity after 2010, when its current supplier, nearby Wylfa Nuclear Power Station, is due to close.

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