Aluminium Smelter Seeks Biomass Plant

by John WIlliams
(North Wales)

Anglesey Aluminium Metal(AAM) is looking at building a biomass power plant at its Holyhead smelter. Around 500 jobs are at risk following a decision to shutdown aluminium production in Septemeber.

AAM, jointly owned by Rio Tinto and Kaiser Chemical Corp, is considering carrying out an environmental impact assessment on a possible renewable energy which would be located on site, and should results indicate the proposal was uncontroversial the company would seek planning consent as early as autumn 2009.

The long term contract with the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) for electricity from nearby Wylfa Power Station ends in September 2009 and so there is a need to ensure a continuous power supply.

Earlier this year a business case was submitted by Magnox North Ltd, which operates Wylfa Nuclear Station, to the NDA to extend the life of Wylfa up to 2014.

If the UK Government accepts the extension proposal from the NDA then the immediate concern over a secure power supply is resolved.

This will give proper time for a planning process which could take up to two years, followed by a further phase for construction.

Given that the Anglesey Aluminium smelter is the biggest consumer of electricity in Wales, the size of biomass plant needed would make it the largest in the UK.

Local MP Albert Owen who has worked closely with government ministers and Rio Tinto management on this challenge has welcomed the latest developments saying:

"The government has been very helpful in this matter and Anglesey Aluminium also shows its commitment by going ahead with an environmental impact assessment for a biomass power plant."

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Sep 21, 2009
Not enough waste for 300MW
by: Anonymous

I don't think even Manchester produces enough S*** to power a few light bulbs, let alone the smelter process, 300 MW is huge! As long as forest's are replanted, or they are using residues or pest damaged trees, the defo a bit more reliable, unless you dump several laxatives on local populations!!!

Jun 16, 2009
why biomass for Holyhead power plant?
by: mike jackson

The idea of a biomass plant means importing wood potentially putting pressure on forests not to mention transport costs. Why not consider a different route as they are in Manchester - namely energy from sewage ( animal and human ) - environmentally friendly , unlimited raw materials supplied locally. Can't lose.

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