Every Anglesey resident I meet is totally opposed to Wylfa B.

by Angry Anglesey Resident

There are so many reasons why so many of us object to the proposed Wylfa B, for example, danger of another Chernobyl type "accident".

Then there is the nuclear waste which creates toxic pollution for millions of years, and
obtaining and transporting nuclear materials is unreliable and increases the terrorist threat.

So investing in nuclear power would be wasting money that could be spent on safer green power.

Those selfish, ignorant people who still support nuclear always try to play down the enormous risks involved and the hidden costs. We are not that gullible.

We will happily accept any number of wind turbines, and other safe renewable energy technologies - but Nuclear Power - Definitely not!

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Comments for Every Anglesey resident I meet is totally opposed to Wylfa B.

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Oct 13, 2011
by: Anonymous

hahaha lol :)

Aug 09, 2011
Against Wylfa B! Get your facts straight Mr Angry!
by: Julie

Most of the people I know who live on the island support Wylfa B! I agree with the above comment that you must be one of those people 'against' everything! Job creation is a massive factor, but living in the dark ages without electricity worries me more! Wylfa B has to happen - and as I hear, 'is' going to happen! People need to get their facts straight and research more before opening their mouths and stating their opinions. Welcome to Wylfa B!

Feb 05, 2010
Wylfa B
by: Anonymous

Wylfa B - What does the community get back, Cheap Electric for Anglesey!!!

Lets see them offer that :-)

Feb 05, 2010
Wylfa B - Danger of another Chernobyl type "accident"
by: Anonymous

Wylfa B - Danger of another Chernobyl type "accident" - Oh please, Wylfa B would be built with the latest and cutting technology, not that used when Chernobyl first went on-line in 1977.

Also what about the trade the 500 contractors bring to local shops and B&Bs etc...A lot of which I guess would close if they where not here.

We already have a Nuclear site on Anglesey so why not expand and leave the other unspoiled areas alone?

As long as it's not on your door step it's "convenient power"


Jan 05, 2010
An Irish View of Wylfa
by: Irish resident

There was a feature on the programme, "Ear to the Ground" on RTÉ television last night (Tues 5th Jan 2010). It outlined the fact that Anglesey has had a positive experience of nuclear power. It interviewed a farmer from near Holyhead and an official (I think he was from the plant at Wylfa).

Generally Ireland has been against nuclear power and I think this has largely to do with fallout from Sellafield some decades ago and the incidence of children born with certain conditions along a stretch of the East coast in Ireland.

Wylfa is closer to Dublin than Dublin is to many cities and towns in Éire.

I think the worry here in Ireland is that in the case of an accident it would have a devastating affect on a large part of Ireland.

Having said that easterly winds don't occur that often.

It would be good to see an employment boost for Ynys Mon and a new plant should bring some benefit in that regard.

Just some points that I hope may be of some interest.

Jan 02, 2010
TC is Fail
by: Anonymous

Im all for the new Power station!!

Dec 06, 2009
Get your facts right
by: Sarah

I live on Anglesey and I am very much for Wylfa B.

Nov 29, 2009
We welcome articles
by: editor

We welcome articles or comments that will help shape the discussion about nuclear energy on Anglesey. However, we do not accept a simple request which is simply self-promotion of another site or blog, with no offer of value in return, such as considered articles which help to illuminate the debate.

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Nov 29, 2009
can we contribute to this blog?
by: Anonymous

do you accept articles and views on nuclear power on Anglesey here?

Nov 29, 2009
anonymous self promotion
by: Anonymous

Have you seen the new guy blog?

Nov 29, 2009
wylfa b
by: Martin

Mr Angry, I assume you are a member of PAWB. Or are you a member of people against everything? People like you seem to object to everything,e.g Parys mountain development, Prison Development, Retail Development(llanfair pg) amongst many other job creating opportunities. We have lived with Wylfa since 1972, I believe the safest option for Anglesey is to get a new modern power station on line asap and start the long overdue decommissioning of wylfa.

Nov 27, 2009
wylfa B
by: Elizabeth

what rubbish 'anonymous' writes. I have not met anyone from Anglesey who is opposed to Wylfa B. Its the only way forward. The thought of Anglesey covered in wind turbines is enough to frighten every resident away from the island.I think 'anonymous' must be part of the wind turbine lobby,
because they will be the only ones who want to live on Anglesey if they have their way.

Nov 27, 2009
Who is against Wylfa B?
by: Gordon

Everyone I speak to is in favour! I support alternative energy too, but it's no substitute for base-load generation from coal or nuclear. Perhaps 'Anonymous' would like to explain where we are going to get our power from when it's flat calm and the tide's turning?

Nov 26, 2009
r u crazy?
by: Craig

not suprised this writer is anonymous. what island d you live on, mate? lots of us on here want wylfa becuase we want a future to live for!!

Nov 26, 2009
Jobs and prosperity
by: Phil

Every Anglesey resident I meet is in favour - we must move in different circles! If it means jobs for our children and a future for Anglesey, it is a MUST.

Nov 26, 2009
Are you sure about this?
by: Ed

Did you see the S4C programme "Pawb a'i Farn" and mention of the poll of young people at Ysgol David Hughes, Menai Bridge?

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