Dolphins in Penrhyn Bay, Llandudno

by Una Roberts
(Penrhyn Bay)

I have lived above the beach at Penrhyn Bay for about 20 years, spending many enjoyable hours looking at the sea in all its power and glory.

The sky, the dawn, the dusk, the boats, the birds, the seals and sea lions which come into the Bay, families enjoying the beach, and sadly now the wind turbines.

I got up very early one day some years ago to see the QE2 sail past and that was very exciting.

But my very best day was when I looked out, just by chance, and saw the sea churning up, hundreds of sea birds flying wildly above, and then I realized that there were dozens of dolphins in the sea obviously following a huge shoal of fish.

The whole of the bay from beyond the Little Orme to Rhos point was alive with with dolphins, seabirds and shoals of fish.

It was such a wonderful sight.

I guess they had come from the waters around Anglesey, and I'm sure it must have happened many times before and after, but I am so thankful that I happened to look out to sea just at the right time that day and see all those beautiful dolphins.

Una Roberts

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Jul 17, 2012
Dolphins off Angel Bay

I was walking my dog over the Little Orme 14th July about 9am and spotted the dolphins off Angel Bay and heading towards Llandudno Bay. A beautiful spectacular sight.

Jul 14, 2012
Dolphins off Penrhyn bay / Rhos Point
by: Paul Williams

Watching dolphins this morning while cycling from Rhos on Sea towards penrhyn bay , must have been over a dozen individual animals leaping clear of the water at around 9am today

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