Do not want to see new Nuclear Power on Anglesey

by Ms Menna Jones

I feel strongly about nuclear power and I want to help. My family and ancestors have lived on Anglesey for generations.

There have been accidents and incidents at Wylfa that I have been aware of and have not been made public for sometimes weeks after the events.

Many locals have also suffered and died from cancer. I am very much against nuclear power.

There is very little publicity about groups that are against Wylfa B.

All I have seen was a little snip about a protest on the Bridge (unfortunately I was working and couldnt attend).

I would like to be informed of any protest or meetings that are to be planned.

Diolch, Menna Jones

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Comments for Do not want to see new Nuclear Power on Anglesey

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Nov 15, 2010
And where don't people die of cancer?
by: Anonymous

People die of cancer on Anglesey - that is a fact nobody can deny. But people die of cancer all over the country and the world. The number of cancers caused by nuclear power is so small as to be statistically impossible to distinguish from all the cancers from other causes.

Every cancer death is sad, but you can't blame nuclear power for them all.

Nov 13, 2010
Again the false claims are made
by: Graham Ariss

I am sorry to see the same false claims being trotted out by the NIMBY and the anti progress ecomentalists.

If you are going to make the claim that people are dieing on Anglesey from radiation received from Wylfa A, then state your sources, lets have the names of these peoples and when and what radiation exposure they received.

We need facts not fantasy.

Jun 12, 2010
Wylfa B is important to us
by: Selwyn

you have a right to protest but at end of the day, Wylfa B is coming. we need the jobs and a big boost to the economy.

why don't you campaign for the new jobs?


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