David Jones, a Beaumaris Artist

David Jones is a local Beaumaris artist who is exhibiting his work at the Ganolfan centre in the Anglesey town.

If you want to go along and see his work then make a note in your diary sometime between 23 May and 7 June.

Canolfan Beaumaris is open daily between 10 am and 5 pm.

My work as a professional artist has been in the fields of design and of art and design education. Until receently I was Senior Lecturer at the Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design.

I have striven to occupy a territory where the worlds of design and fine art are at their most close.

I see the many worlds of art and design likened to geological tectonic plates which grind slowly past each other; although it’s safer in the middle, the most interesting things happen where the plates collide.

One of the highpoints of a teacher’s experience is when the learning process works both ways. I have gained energy and inspiration from long contact with talented young artists and designers.

My own teaching career has coincided with a period in which exciting things have been happening in art education, not least in the erosion of barriers between the traditional disciplines.

It goes without saying that a work of visual art should communicate on its own, without explanation.

For me art is a way of looking at the world, and a language with infinite potential for invention.

The twin starting points from which I hope to move forward, are what I see and experience, and what I learn from (and steal from) the art of the past.

Here we invite David Jones to explain his views of the world and how he communicates through his art. My work falls into three areas:

  • Visual diaries in which I try to respond directly and spontaneously to the world as I see it.
  • Small three dimensional figures made from wood and MDF, coloured with acrylic paint.

    One area of subject matter I am currently exploring is that of the mythical characters that inhabit the subconscious: the archetypes that populate our world from childhood: angel, mermaid, king, witch, soldier, etc.

  • Where I am trying to respond to events when it’s not practical or possible to make objective drawings, in other words when I create images from memory, usually realised through the medium of monoprinting.

I would like to be able to make connections between these three areas and to engage my design/illustration background.

We look forward to visiting the exhibition when it opens in Beaumaris and to having the opportunity to speak with David Jones.

Anglesey Today

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