Cottages and Nuclear Power Station Nearby

by Dave Bewrick
(Burbage, Leicestershire)

How close are your cottages to the Nuclear Reactor on Anglesey? I would love to return there with my grandchildren but am worried due to the risk of local radiation and its impact on young developing children.

When we were children I can recall playing with impunity on the beaches and swimming in the seas around your beuatiful island.

I am somewhat baffled by the fact that you have a Nuclear Power Station on your beautiful island and are even considering building a new one; surely tourism will be seriously impacted forever.

Thanks Dave for your comment:

The Wylfa Nuclear Power Station has been generating electricity on Anglesey for over 30 years. In that time, holiday cottage holidays on the island have become ever more popular.

With regard to safety, as I understand there is a very rigorous regime of environmental and health and safety surveillance, with regular samples taken of sea water around the coast.

I believe the Environment Agency is responsible for measurement around the coastline of England and Wales, and responsibility for environmental matters lies with the National Assembly for Wales.

For issues beyond 12 nautical miles of the coast, responsibility shifts to the UK Department of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

Here is a document which highlights the excellence of coastal water quality in Wales. (See Case Study "Better Bathing Waters" P.13)
strategy for coast

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May 29, 2013
Re: Wylfa pollution
by: Maggie

Regarding the above comment on the gentleman worried about radiation.

I own a very successful Self catering cottage not too far from Wylfa, I am fully booked this year 2013 and already booked up for half of 2014.

My guests come back year after year as they just love it here and many comments are that they are not concerned with the power station as it's not obtrusive and has caused no harm and is at no risk.

If you were truly concerned why not take a tour around Wylfa's visitor center and let them explain your concerns.

As to why build another power station? it's called "progress" and creates jobs for our area where other jobs are almost non existent. It is no worse than the pollution caused by other factories and everyday living.

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