Catch 22 for Island Economic Prospects

by A Shepherd

It is very unfair to put an already economically depressed area like Anglesey in such a catch 22 situation.

By this I mean where the only economic choices brought in from outside seem to perpetuate the continuous degradation of a naturally beautiful island both on and now possibly off shore too.

This natural landscape in many ways is the only 'capital' the area has and once it's all gone there will be no fall back and it will be left as an ugly testament to our collective stupidity.

Yes, the north west Wales area needs jobs, but let them be better quality jobs with the necessary training and education provided.

This way they will improve the economic situation of the area without compromising the people environmentally and socially.

Thanks for your contribution about the future economic prospects for Anglesey. This is indeed a very challenging topic and the need to find high quality jobs has to be squared with the desire to protect the natural environment, which offers some economic potential in terms of the contribution to tourism.

Policymakers will always have to take these factors into account when they bring forward ambitious plans for developing the island's economy.

What we also have to remember is that Wylfa on Anglesey has the potential to address both the employment needs of local people for generations to come, as well contributing to the energy security needs of the UK.

I would say, however, that while the "natural landscape" is a form of capital which the area is endowed with, by far the greatest potential "capital" is the people of the island. That is why taking the right decisions as to training will be critical going forward.

A good start has been made with the launch of the new Nuclear Fabrication skills course at Coleg Menai at llangefni from September 2010.

This ties in well with the prospect of creating jobs both for the decommissioning of Wylfa A as well as for building the new Wylfa B power station.

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