Canatxx Funding Amlwch Swimming Pool

by Lefty is Andy Wright

In all the discussions regarding the Swimming Pool and Leisure Centre closures on Anglesey, what role does Canatxx play in this?

We have been given lots of different versions of events and goings on. Reality is that at the end of the day not everything we are being told is true, which brings me to my point and from what I am led to believe these facts and figures are 100% correct.

When Cllr. Gareth Winston Roberts was Leader of Anglesey County Council, an official agreement was made with Canataxx in March 2008 regarding a payment of £40,000 per year towards the up keep of the AMLWCH Leisure Centre.

As far as I am aware a fee of £20,000 has been paid and a further £20,000 will be received before the end of 2009.

What I find hard to believe is that the current Cabinet seemed puzzled, confused and surprised when they were told about this, which therefore once again just highlights the question of competence of these members.

Surely if a full strategic plan was done before this ridiculous escapade had begun then the Cabinet would have realised that the £40,000 would go a long way towards helping towards the up keep of the Amlwch facility.

The executive are quick to threaten the closure of public facilities and play game with us regarding school closures and old peoples homes if we keep the leisure facilities open.

But they haven’t really got a clue about what monies are readily available, which just shows once again how incompetent they are and the sooner they are removed from post the better for the general public.

Why are these people getting paid such a substantial salary when it is quite apparent they can’t due there jobs.

If Joe Public performed with such inept he wouldn’t last 5 minutes in employment. They say a cat has nine lives; these Councillors seem to be indestructible when it comes to making blunders which affect the lives of innocent tax paying members of the public.

How long must we put up with this sort of inadequate incompetence?

Andy Wright

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Sep 14, 2009
keep pool open
by: Roy

it's good if private firms like Canattax want to help pay for the swim pool but we cant bank on them always!!!

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