Building Wylfa B

by Anonymous

When we are in the dark due to an intermittent electricity supply people will be asking why did we not build nuclear earlier.

Wylfa has been good for the Anglesey economy for over 40yrs including its construction.

So, let's get a move on........

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Jun 15, 2012
I'm not against Nuclear Energy, choose better location
by: Anonymous

I'm not against the production of electricity by Nuclear Energy but why not build the power stations nearer the cities where the main demand is?

Surely it costs a lot to get the power from Anglesey and Cumbria in particular, to the main cities in the North.

So cut costs and build the power stations nearer the cities.

Feb 19, 2008
PAWB and the Candlemaker Industry
by: John Edwards

Yes, it would seem that if PAWB and the anti-nuclear lobby were successful in their campaign to stop Wylfa B, one industry that would be in great demand would be the candle making business.

Perhaps PAWB should start to campaign for funding to develop candle making factories all over Wales. What a great contribution to reducing our carbon footprint! You can just picture the scene of children trying to do their homework by candle light and no access to the Internet for research.

So the only sensible way forward is as most people seem to think, by building a new nuclear power station on Anglesey as soon as possible.

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