Build Wylfa B now

by Gordon Warren
(Bull Bay)

I'm all in favour of renewable energy, provided it's located in areas which aren't environmentally sensitive, but it will never be the whole answer to energy needs.

People will still expect a reliable supply when the tide is turning and there's no wind. Unlike fossil fuels nuclear power emits no CO2 and the safety record of British nuclear power stations is no cause for concern.

Wylfa(A) has been a huge asset to the economy of Anglesey for over 30 years and the island will suffer badly if it is not replaced.

Please add your voice to the call for one of the next generation nuclear stations to be built here. Anglesey needs Wylfa B.

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Comments for Build Wylfa B now

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Oct 13, 2011
700000000000 million lives will be lost!!
by: mary willma ivv

wel, maer syniad yn fy marn i yn shyniad shipish ofnadwy!! maer defaid ma ym mhobman!! mae yna un hud yn oed yn fy ystafell wely!!!!! dylen nhw symud i arabia bel does yna ddim rhai!! pam da ni eisiau nhw????? mmhh mhh!! aahaa doess neb am ateb hynu nagoes...........

dwi yn cwl iawn!! :)

May 19, 2010
by: A Better Speller


Apr 13, 2010
by: Nigel Williams

I am a first year apprentice at wylfa (magnox north) and think that building a second power station is a very good idea. Magnox North is a very good company to work for and gives individuals like me an opportunity of a carrer in the engineering industry as there isnt much out there for us unless we travel.
They also are very keen with health and safety to make sure no injuries or accidents happen.When wylfa closes down it will have a stong impact on the empoloyment in our area. There isnt many vacany's around as it is due to Anglesey Aliminum closed down. Bringing a second nuclear power station will increase the employment so for anyone against the new build obviously aren't that bothered about there future or their children's future.



Feb 26, 2009
Alleged cancer cases
by: Huw Bach

Mr Pendlebury is correct?to a point. However, as most often happens to people with a little knowledge, use of selective comments by those who understand little of the modern industry does not give a full picture.

If he is referring to the fairly recent study of childhood leukemia cases in Germany, I would like to point out that the report concludes:

"...the present status of radiobiologic and epidemiologic knowledge does not allow the conclusion that the ionising radiation emitted by German [nuclear power plants] during normal operation is the cause."

The report further notes that?

"This study can not conclusively clarify whether confounders, selection or randomness play a role in the distance trend observed."


"?these estimates are rather inconclusive because they are based on a very small number of cases"

Finally for the purpose of this comment:

"This study is not able to state which biological risk factors could explain this relationship. Exposure to ionising radiation was neither measured nor modelled"

Which means that they have not measured for any levels of radioactivity around the plants or even include any kind of estimate of how much radioactivity would be required to trigger a cluster.

Beware those who do not give the full story, just like those who quote 80% of local people do not want a new Wylfa.

We are not told the size of the sample, was it only ten people who responded? Was it eight who said no and two yes? Bingo! 80%!!

Feb 22, 2008
What price Wylfa B
by: Harry Pendlebury

What price are the people of Anglesey and in particular the immediate area surrounding Wylfa prepared to pay. Recent statistics have shown that above average clusters of cancer related illnesses occur within a radius of 7Km of nuclear power station sites.

With this in mind would any thinking person or employer aware of this threat of illness choose to live on the Isle of Anglesey.

I believe that the proposed Wylfa B will deter prospective employers and thus provide employment for a relatively few people on the Island.

Anglesey needs Wylfa B like I need a broken leg!

Feb 22, 2008
Well Done - Wylfa B
by: Keith Roberts

We need Wylfa B and it is a fact shared by many who realise that to provide energy in the future we can no longer rely on fossil fuels or so called renewable energy to cater for all our energy needs.

As we move into an electronic world where traditional heating, transport etc is going to look at electric power, we should be desperate now to have resources at the ready and nuclear energy is a way forward that has proved to be efficient and safe.

Feb 20, 2008
We need an alternative energy source now
by: Chris Ward

We have got to act now to prevent restricted power supplies in the future.

Feb 19, 2008
Supporter of New Nuclear Build
by: Andrew Taylor

I like many others support the building of new Nuclear Power Stations.

Wind, Tidal, hydro all have their place in the energy mix with new nuclear build.

To put a new Nuclear Power Station in context, a twin reactor Areva reactor will supply 100% of the energy needs of Wales or 5% of UK energy supply.

All current wind, hydro and tidal make up just 3% of the uk energy supply.

A new reactor at Wylfa on Anglesey would have a far greater level of safety than current designs and the waste generated by a new design would be significantly less than the current magnox fleet.

Comparing a modern reactor to the magnox reactors is like comparing a model T Ford with a new Ford Mondeo

Climate change is real and happening now. Most of the arguments against nuclear are not always based on facts, or knowledge but play on fears.

Feb 19, 2008
New Investment on Anglesey Needed
by: Arfon John Morgan

We can't live on tourism therefore I support the building of a new station or in that case any new major employer who intends to invest in the economy over a number of years.

Wylfa has been very important in securing the economy over the last 40 odd years

Feb 19, 2008
Wylfa B - A must!
by: Medwyn Williams

A key element of a balanced energy strategy.
Negligible contribution to global warming.
Current UK CO2 emissions trend is going in the wrong direction.

Major positive contribution to Anglesey's socio-economic outlook. A safe, clean and sustainable energy solution with a proven track record.

Feb 19, 2008
In Favour of New Nuclear on Anglesey
by: Anonymous

Wylfa B is required sooner than later, the shortfall in continuous electricity supply will begin to take effect before the new generation of nuclear power stations come on stream.

Wylfa has been a huge benefit to the economy here on Anglesey for more than 40 years if you include the construction phase in the 1960's.

Feb 19, 2008
Yes to Wylfa B
by: Iolo Roberts

Without electricity in massive quantities our national economy will collapse and with it will go hospitals, schooling, wealth & transport.

None of the current renewable options can hope to support the power needs of the industrial economy of the UK. The nuclear option is the best interim solution to the nation's power needs whilst going a long way in addressing global warming.

The sooner new nuclear stations are built, the sooner we can shut those that generate carbon dioxide. In parallel there should be extensive research into yet cleaner, high-availability, mass-generating, ideally renewable, methods AND more efficient use of power.

Wylfa B would aid the above as well as bring significant money into the area through professional wages. Without a new nuclear power station, Anglesey will decline into a low wages economy reliant upon seasonal work. The resultant exodus of youngsters seeking worthwhile work could be a death knell to the Welsh language in this area.

If PAWB get their way then we had all better buy candles and heavy coats!

Feb 19, 2008
Reasons why there should be a Wylfa B
by: Anonymous

The required skills are already on the island at the present station, a number of whom are young people whose roots are on the island.

Nuclear Power Stations are so important in delivering a reduction in CO2 emissions.

Feb 19, 2008
Wylfa B
by: Clive B of Penysarn

Like Gordon Warren, I'm in favour of renewables - wherever they can be used without desecrating the landscape. What this country needs is a diverse source of electricity generation.

Often the windmills aren't turning - even on Anglesey or on the offshore windfarm off Rhyl! Can we honestly trust Mr Putin not to turn the gas tap off - we only have a limited supply of our own gas left and will be relying heavily on imported gas within the next 10 years?

Coal is dirty - 'clean coal' with carbon capture is still in the early stages of development. North Wales has about as much hydro power as it's possible to have but that still won't turn the wheels of industry which needs massive amounts of electricity.

Even with all the energy savings being applied, we still have an energy gap so what does that leave us with?

Wylfa B...

No CO2 emissions and with the expected PWR design, a very much smaller amount of nuclear waste to deal with and much easier to decommission at the end of its life compared to Wylfa A.

Bring it on, I say - the sooner the better - to keep the nuclear knowledge base and skilled jobs here which keeps Anglesey afloat...

Feb 19, 2008
In favour of Wylfa B
by: Anonymous

I am strongly in favour of a Wylfa B station on Anglesy.

Not only is it important as regards the generation of electricity, but also as regards the continuation of employment for local people.

Feb 14, 2008
Go for Tidal Power off Skerries
by: Maldwyn

We should go for the renewable tidal energy off Skerries. Let's have clean, green energy for Anglesey. The company who have this new technology say that they can give electricity for 6,000 homes on the island.

That is a very good plan and it will bring jobs here. Wylfa has had its time, but we must move on. There is a problem with nuclear waste and who will pay for keeping it safe for hundreds of years. The power companies or the taxpayer?

Nuclear power also means more nuclear weapons, and we have to stop the spread of these in the world. So we don't want a new power station near Cemaes.

There will be more local jobs with the decommissioning and clearing of the site; this will go on for more than 80 years I think.

So PAWB are right to say no to Wylfa B.

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