Anglesey Nuclear

by Nuclear Nick

What would the Anglesey nuclear objectors say if someone were to disconnect them from the grid and tell them that the only electricity available to them was supplied from nuclear power plants?

I'm sure their views would change. We have major power issues in the U.K, and we are greedy for energy but at the same time we think that we can generate enough power from renewable energy sources.

Nuclear power is the ultimate environmentally friendly power source, as long as it is managed properly.

Ask yourself this question. We have a local nuclear power station, Wylfa, on Anglesey. This is a first generation plant.

Someone wishes to build a new power station in its place. Our local community and economy is already suffering from the recession through redundancies from Anglesey Aluminium and the proposed closure of Wylfa.

Firstly, there will be nothing left on Anglesey.

Do we want the young local community to move away in search of employment?

Secondly, we already have a nuclear site on Anglesey, the government are finding it hard to secure areas to dispose of their nuclear waste.

When a plant is decommissioned it is a prime location for storing nuclear waste.

Would we rather have a Power station or a nuclear waste dump on our fine island?

Therefore Wylfa B would secure well needed employment in the area, and it would also ensure that the site will not be used for any other reason.

Nuclear generation is the way forward. Modern reactors are safe and efficient. The days of Chernobyl have well gone.

Nuclear generation is no longer a new technology.

Nuclear waste disposal is a new industry, so not as advanced.

So I say to all the anti-nuclear groups: "Stop complaining!"

Bring Wylfa B on as soon as possible!

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