Anglesey Island Coast Investment Boost

by J Williams
(North Wales)

A massive £6.5 million investment in the Anglesey coastal environment led by the Welsh Assembly Government aims to enhance the island coast and boost tourism and leisure.

The project will see funding from the European Union, Assembly Government and Anglesey County Council in a drive to provide far greater access to the 125-mile long coastline which is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).

Access has been improved over recent years following the opening of the Anglesey Coastal Path, and now this initiative seeks to capitalise on these changes, with improvements to the infrastructure on and near the coast as well as more information for residents and visitors.

This coastal environment initiative will receive £1.7 m from the Mon Menai Strategic Regeneration Partnership, and its aims will compliment those of the partnership according to Leighton Andrews AM, Welsh Assembly Deputy Minister for Regeneration.

In addition to improving the coastal environment, infrastructure and information provision, there will be more support for maritime businesses with a focus on promoting the island's maritime history.

With the recent serious concerns about possible swimming pool closure, there is also an emphasis on providing more opportunities for residents and visitors to get involved in healthful, open air physical activities, though this would not be seen as a substitute for swimming pools.

Sasha Davies, Head of Economic Development at the local island council has identified the Anglesey coastline as a key catalyst in driving forward a range of socio-economic and environmental activities.

Council Leader, Councillor Clive McGregor, sees this latest intiative as an ideal way of to "kickstart the island economy".

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Sep 03, 2009
anglesey coast walks
by: Emily

we were down on Anglesey last week, and although weather was not good, we still got to walk around Aberffraw. lovely area, lots of sand dunes and wide beach. people living on this island are so lucky!!
great place to have a your back garden...

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