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So what do you understand about acupuncture, apart from that it involves putting special fine needles into the skin?

A local GP, Dr J D Lewis from Benllech, here on Anglesey, writes the following piece on the role played by this approach as a compliment to general medicine.

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Acupuncture has been with us for over 5,000 years and remains one of the most often used forms of complimentary medicine.

Interest in the technique did not flourish until the political landscape of the early 1970’s permitted travel between East and West, and the free exchange of information to be encouraged.

Now so much more is known about the scientific basis of this treatment, that the difference between conventional and complimentary medicine has become increasingly blurred.

As the technique has gained wider acceptance in general medicine, it is now regularly used in hospital pain clinics and physiotherapy departments.

More and more GP's are now using this complimentary medicine to treat a wide variety of conditions.

This is a treatment which can relieve the symptoms of both psychological and physical conditions.

Very fine needles are inserted at specific locations on the body and although most patients have a natural and understandable aversion, the type used in this medical intervention are very fine.

When used by a trained practitioner, inserting the needles is painless and often invigorating.

Modern research shows that this complimentary medicine technique can affect many of the body’s systems, releasing important chemicals called endorphins, a key part of the proper functioning nervous system.

Some of the more commonplace applications of this method deal with the pain relief of musculoskeletal problems, including arthritic pains and sports injuries.

It is also helpful for treating migraine, sinusitis, allergies and skin problems such as psoriasis and eczema.

When choosing an acupuncture practitioner make sure you choose a professional with proper training.

Most GP's will be more than happy to advise you about a reputable local practitioner.

If, however, you have any concerns you may want to contact the British Medical Acupuncture Society for advice about qualified practitioners in your locality on 01606 786782.

We hope you found the above article on acupuncture helpful.

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